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Wednesday, 29 July 2020

3 Fastest Web Hosting Providers for WordPress

  Propertrick       Wednesday, 29 July 2020

The effect of how quickly your website loads, affects everything from user experience to your website’s conversion rates, and ultimately your search engine ranking in Google is also affected by it. All these things help in reducing the loading time of your WordPress website, but the most important is the web hosting of your site, because if it is not fast, then there will be no use to do other things.

3 Fastest Web Hosting

If you optimize yourself, it helps you, but in the end everything depends on your web server. So if you are looking for a web hosting that is very fast to host your WordPress site, then today we are presenting to you, the list of 3 fastest web hosting providers for WordPress.

1. BlueHost Optimized WordPress Hosting

For low prices we recommend BlueHost’s shared hosting to beginners, but if you want faster load time, then you choose Bluehost’s only optimized WordPress hosting. Even though it is expensive than Bluehost’s shared hosting plans, but you get many such features in it, so that the loading time of your WordPress site is fast.

This means that you get a complete part of the server. In Shared hosting, your server resources are shared with other websites. But in VPS technology, you do not need to share, which means that the speed of your site will not be reduced when loading on the site of others.

Other benefits of choosing Bluehost’s WordPress hosting:

  • Integrated SiteLock features to keep your site secure

  • If you need more resources for more traffic then you can dynamically scale the server.

  • Dedicated storage for automatic backups and backups.

  • Free SSL certificate

2. Kinsta

If you want the best and fastest web hosting for WordPress, and you are also ready to pay more for it, then Kinsta is one of the best options. Everything in Kinsta is optimized for performance.

First of all, they use Google Cloud Platform for your website. This means that when you use Kinsta, your website runs on Google’s infrastructure. And when it comes to internet, Google has the best reputation! But it is not only about the Google Cloud platform, but Kinsta uses every right technology. So that it ensures that your site is fast loaded.

3. SiteGround

Siteground offers performance oriented WordPress hosting which is with Bluehost in terms of price. Unlike other hosts, Siteground hosting is a shared hosting, and as if the talk is of great performance, do not underestimate it by listening to the shared hosting, because it uses some technologies that other hosts do not.

If you choose big plans, then you also get the benefit of SiteGround’s three level server side caching so that the perfomance of your site improves. Although, SiteGround does not use NGINX servers like other hosts, but still it is one of the fastest web hosts, which you can find in such a low price range.

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