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Wednesday, 29 July 2020

How to Create a Sub Domain for Your Blog or Website?

  Propertrick       Wednesday, 29 July 2020

In this article, you will know that if you have a blog or website on any one existing domain name, then how can you create another sub-domain of it. But before that I think that many people will probably be unaware of the concept of sub-domains, so let’s first talk about sub-domains as well.

Sub domain

What is a sub-domain?

Before this, you have to know very well what the car is a domain name, for that you first read one of our posts below, then continue.

A sub-domain is also basically a domain. As it is clear from its name that it is on a sub of the domain. This is mainly the domain name, or We call it I domain or simply a main domain. But when adding other versions of its main website domain to its sub parts like,, etc. then these are called sub-domains.

Example: Let me give you the best example of sub-domain which is a sub-domain of our blog, while is our sub-domain, which has made us like a separate website in the form of question-answer forum. So this is our sub-domain.

I hope you have understood very well what is a sub-domain from what is mentioned above. You will know about free blogging platform Blogger, they also allow everyone to become blogs as sub-domains instead of main domain name such as

What does a sub domain need?

Now we know what the sub domains are, but you must ask the question, what is the need of it or what is its benefit. Suppose you create a very large website in which a lot of content is available in different languages, then it is better to create sub domains in such cases.

For example, suppose you have a domain, Now you put only English content in it. But later you have to put the content in another language also on your domain. So in such a way that according to your readers which are different languages, then you can put content on different sub domains for people with different languages.

The best example is Wikipedia. Wikipedia’s main domain is but they put content on different sub domains according to the readers of different languages. Such as, for English content,, for guj content, etc. So sub domains are very useful in such a situation.

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