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Wednesday, 29 July 2020

How to Transfer Domain Name from One Registrar to Another Registrar?

  Propertrick       Wednesday, 29 July 2020

In this, we had told a way to save money on renewal, transfer the domain to another registrar. Today we will know in this article how you can transfer your domain name from one domain registrar to another domain registrar. For your convenience, I have also given an example step by step tutorial of transferring domain name from GoDaddy to Google Domains.

Namecheap, which is GoDaddy’s closest competitor, but still it will take more years of experience to match GoDaddy. If you follow domain industry news, then you must have also heard about Google’s service, Google Domains. This service is still in beta stage.

Transfer Domain

In this tutorial, instead of buying a new domain from Google Domains, I will transfer my already purchased domain name, which is on GoDaddy, to Google Domains, as it is about to expire.

Step by Step Guide to transfer from GoDaddy to Google Domains

There are two important steps to transfer a domain name from any domain name registrar to another registrar, and they are:

  • Unlock Domain

  • Get EPP Code

Step 1: In this guide, I will tell you all the steps that will help you to unlock the domain from GoDaddy domain manager and get EPP code to transfer the domain.

To begin, login to your GoDaddy pannel, and launch the domain manager from the dashboard.

Step 2: In GoDaddy’s domain manager, you have to choose the domain name that you want to transfer to Google Domains or any other registrar.

Step 3: Now you will be on the domain management page of your selected domain. Here, people unlock your domain so that your domain can be transferred to another registrar. I also talked about this in one of my guides first.

Step 4: After unlocking your domain, the domain authorization code has to be obtained to transfer the domain to your other registrar. On the same page at the end, you will find a column named “Authorization Code”, you will have to click on “Email Code” to get EPP (Authorization Code). With this, it will send you the code on email.

Step 5: Check your Email inbox for unique Domain Authorization code and now the time has come to go to Google Domains and transfer your domain.

Step 6: Click on Continue, and it will ask you to follow the steps one by one. In our case we had already unlocked the domain and our information is also updated, then we will skip to Step 3 and add our Autorization code.

Step 7: Click on Import name servers, and in the next step Google will ask you to pay money. When you pay for your domain transfer, your domain will be renewed for one year. Now you have to enter your billing details to complete the transfer.

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