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Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Know These Things Before Buying SSL Certificate

  Propertrick       Wednesday, 29 July 2020

What is SSL?

SSL has a full form, Secure Socket Layers. This protects sensitive data between client and server. In simple words, make the exchange of information occurring in you and any website secure or say encrypted. For those who have an eCommerce site, SSL is required. This not only makes your site trustworthy (trustworthy), if you use SSL on your website, then it is also a positive signal for Search Engine ranking. Many bloggers argue that they do not need an SSL certificate because they only offer information and do not sell anything. With SSL encryption you can prevent middle attacks, which is a serious security issue, whenever you work online.

What is SSL

Dedicated SSL Vs. Shared SSL

  • Dedicated SSLs are those which are wholly owned by the user. (They cost money)

  • Shared SSLs are generally free, but they also have some security concerns and are not recommended for eCommerce sites.

Another major difference between Dedicated and Shared SSLs is their support services. You do not get support in Shared SSLs but in Dedicated SSLs you also get support.

Encryption Level

There are many levels of encryption available. To accept Credit / Debit cards, you must also have an SSL certificate of at least 128-BIT.

Brand Name

When you search for options to purchase SSL certificate, you will find that many companies sell SSL certificates. This can cause you confusion.

You can buy an SSL from anywhere, but only take SSL from a big brand, especially when you sell very expensive things, such as cars, jewelry and jet planes etc. or wherever your with people. Confidence is important.

Do You Need a Dedicated IP?

You must also have a dedicated IP when you use SSL. In this way your SSL will be linked to your IP address. However, there is no longer a condition in the way of installing a dedicated IP SSL certificate.

Shared hosting platforms on many companies share SSL certificates to Server Name Identification (SNI) I.P. are using to offer on addresses. SNI represents which host name the client is trying to connect to and this server is bound to the same I.P. And allows to present multiple certificates on the port.

In simple words, you can now use SSL certificates on shared hosting.

But when you share a I.P. Let’s use the following things:

  • It is normal to have a Certificate mismatch error.

  • SNI is not compatible with versions of many older web browsers.

  • You can learn about SNI in detail from here.

I would suggest that you start using a dedicated IP address for SSL. It usually costs $ 3/per month and you can get it for free with high end shared hosting packages.

Can you pay month to month for SSL?

No, The minimum tenure to purchase any SSL cerificate is 1 year, as with a domain name.

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