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Wednesday, 29 July 2020

The Most Important Guide to Hosting Your Blog

  Propertrick       Wednesday, 29 July 2020

In this guide, I will give you a basic overview of the common hosting packages type that you see often or which you read daily so that when you read the article on hosting related Internet, you will have better understanding even if you choose to host your website. Why should not you be studying?

Guide Hosting Blog

Most Common Webhosting Packages:

Here are some things I will not talk about, such as Windows or Linux hosting, as it is platform based hosting. Some web apps work well with Linux Webhosting and some of them with Windows based hosting. For example, works well with WordPress Linux hosting.

I will talk about common hosting packages: Shared, VPS, dedicated and so on. Most webhosting companies offer different on the basis of these packages.

Shared Hosting Package:

This is a very common and cheapest hosting type. For any new blogger, this is the most affordable package type, as it starts at $ 2- $ 15 / month, depending on which company you choose. Shared hosting package can be further classified into limited and unlimited hosting.

Different hosting companies offer different hosting packages depending on their limitations. For example: Popular hosting company Hostgator Hatchling plan / baby plan and business plan offer on the basis of difference of their hosting package and features.

Companies like Bluehost, which come with unlimited resources. However, they are limited to unlimited resources fair usage policy, if any misuse of unlimited hosting package, these companies have the right to terminate your account anytime.

But in real world sense, this limit is very high, you will never need to face it, unless you consume high CPU or offer illegal downloads or streaming.

VPS: Virtual Private Server:

VPS is the most common hosting package offered by many other companies. VPS is based on virtualization and unlike shared hosting, here your website will get limited but dedicated resources.

Despite sharing the same system with other websites, your website has a dedicated IP, has dedicated computer resources, and you will not be affected by any faulty website of the server.

Dedicated Server:

This resource is for hungry websites and web apps. There are some webapps and websites that require a dedicated pool of resources and that too all the time, along with it when you do not want to share your system with anyone. Dedicated services are generally the most expensive and they also come with a managed and unmanaged dedicated server plan. In simple words, when you buy a dedicated hosting from a company, you rent the under system of their infrastructure. Depending on the package and policy of the webhosting company, you will get limited support or no support.

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