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Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Essay on Election | Election Essay for Students and Children in English

  Propertrick       Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Essay on Election: In any country across the world, whether democratic or autocratic, elections form an integral part of the lives of its citizens. In democracies, elections are important because governments are voted in and out of power through elections. In autocracies and dictatorships, there is no election, and people live under the rule and authority of a single person or a group. Over the years, the definitions and meanings of elections have changed. Elections are not the same as they were before. Nowadays, elections are held in ways that reduce or minimize chances of rigging or any form of influencing irrespective of the fact whether they use electronic voting machines or ballot papers.

An election stands for the will of the people of a country and the only way through which they can express their desires. It is the only way they can favor people who can change their lives. Here we have written sample essays covering the topic that might feature in exams and assignments of students of different classes.

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Long and Short Essays on Election for Students and Kids in English

We have provided an Essay on Election, a long essay on election consisting of 500 words, a short essay on election of 100-150 words and ten important points focusing on the topic.

Long Essay on Election in English 500 Words

Election Essay is usually given to classes 7, 8, 9, and 10.

Free and fair elections are said to be the hallmark of a healthy democracy. This means having elections where there is no interference on the part of the incumbent government gives rise to an efficient and robust democracy. But the purpose of an election is, however, not to be used as a hallmark. Instead, elections are the means to achieving the wills and desires of the people systematically. In India, people often call elections as the festival of democracy.

This is because India being a vast country it is difficult to keep track of the standard of elections everywhere. Yet, the apex body for conducting and regulating elections in India ensures that every election takes place smoothly. While elections are the means to achieve what the people desire, political parties play an essential role in the conducting of elections.

The political party which constitutes the government at the time of an election has to ensure total transparency. Other political parties have to see to it that they do not resort to any unfair means. The government ensures transparency through adequate measures like VVPATs and EVMs. Before each political election, parties engage in active campaigning.

The purpose of campaigning is to provide the public with what the respective parties are willing to do when they come to power. All these are highlighted in a document which is called the party manifesto. The manifesto contains, in detail, the achievements of the party in the past and its promises for the future. The public, however, votes for a party not only by going through a manifesto but also based on its performance. In the case of elections, another essential thing is political ideologies.

In India, some people favor the doctrines of the left, and some people find the ideologies of the right to be proper. Voting in an election also takes into account what a voter believes in. Security forces also play an essential part in the conducting of elections. They are deployed in places where elections are to take place in advance.

The security forces manage the situations at polling booths and see to it that everybody obeys the laws at the time of the election. Speaking of rules, the model code of conduct is an essential segment of conducting elections. The model code of conduct prescribes how people associated with the election process apart from the general public should do themselves.

The model code of conduct is usually activated a week before the elections and gets terminated with the conclusion of the same. Elections are the only way in which the people of a country realize their dreams and aspirations. It is hence vital to conduct them and that too in a free and fair manner.

10 lines on Essay on Election in English

Short Essay on Election in English 150 Words

Election essay is best suited for students of classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

Elections are an essential part of a person's life. It is not just crucial to one single person but to each person living in a country. Elections signify change. Elections result in a party being voted out of power in favor of another party. This is done to ensure that the people of a country get what they want. Elections are the only way in which the people of a nation can realize their dreams. For instance, if a party in power cannot employ the youth, then they are removed for some other party that can do so.

In some nations of the world, elections do not occur, or even if they do, they are not free and fair. For example, North Korea has a single-party system. This means that only one party in the country can run for elections, and thus people do not have a choice. In such states, people suffer because there is no one to take care of them. we will soonly update Election essay in Hindi, Kannada, Gujarati, Telugu and Urdu.

10 Lines on Election Essay in English

  1. Elections are a tool of democracy.
  2. Elections should always be free and fair.
  3. Elections do not usually take place in autocratic nations.
  4. Political parties are involved in elections.
  5. Security forces ensure proper elections.
  6. Elections in India are called the festival of democracy.
  7. People vote parties out of power in elections.
  8. Elections are the means to achieve the will of the people.
  9. Election manifestos help the public in assessing the parties.
  10. Elections are conducted in India by the Election Commission of India.

FAQ's on Election Essay

Question 1.
Why don't autocracies have elections?

Autocracies do not have elections because the ruling party does not approve of it.

Question 2.
How do elections take place across India?

Elections in India take place through voting in the electronic voting machine.

Question 3.
What is the duty of the security forces in elections?

Security force ensures that elections are appropriately managed as per the rules and laws.

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