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Thursday, 17 September 2020

How to Write an Admission Essay | What Criteria do the Colleges Look for in a Candidate?

  Propertrick       Thursday, 17 September 2020

How to Write an Admission Essay: What is the Admission Essay? The essay that lets you get the admission done in schools, high schools or colleges, is the admission essay. It's one of the major forms of eligibility criteria nowadays, especially when it comes to getting admission in a renowned school.

Every year, more than three million applicants send across their admission essays to the university hoping to get selected by the college. But the candidates whose essays stand out of the competition smile at the fortune.

To get noticed by the university officials, the essay must be unique with impeccable grammar, free-flowing, spontaneous, and interesting.

What Criteria do the Colleges Look for in a Candidate?

When you have your own choices for getting admission to any particular university, even the universities to have their own criteria based on which they select the candidates.

They not only see the grades you got as in GPA or SAT exams but they also do consider your social skills, leadership skills, and how you can influence others.

It's the matter of the impact you have on others whom you meet in your life, how you interact with them and assist them in their lives. The schools are mainly looking for candidates who believe in teamwork rather than the self-centred ones who only think about their success in their lives.

Your essay should highlight the areas which tell you that you have done something for the society and your thoughts about how you can create a better society by helping others and building up a community of social welfare.

Mainly the universities look for the following criteria based on which they measure a candidate's credibility.

  1. Your academic performances
  2. How do you consider yourself as a part of the society
  3. What are your aims in life
  4. What is the future of your career
  5. Whether you are a team player or a self-centred individual
  6. How do you influence others surrounding you

An admission essay is a mirror through which the school management will see you. So it has to be compelling, it has to talk about who you are, what are your likes, favourite pastimes, and how do you see life. It should also depict how likely you are to stay along with others and what you think about your future.

It acts as your portfolio which shows your experience, special skills, and achievements that you have received so far. Don't forget that it's not an interview application where they see your resume. It's more like a curriculum vitae that deeply talk about you and your thinking.

The school management sees what they are going to get when they allow your admission and also they will see how will you consider the school and how well you match up with the environment. You don't need to do a big showoff but to be simple and tell your story in a natural way.

Step 1 – Acquire the Prompts

The prompts may vary for each university as they have their own selection criteria. Some of them look for academic scores as well as grammatical expertise while some schools look for creative skills in a student. Again there are some schools that will only look for the integrity the student possesses towards the betterment of the society.

So you need to have a clear idea about what that particular school or high-school is actually looking for. You can also take the help of the essay writing services who have a thorough understanding of the process and they know which university is looking for which criteria and which the areas they are emphasizing more.

It is wise to first understand the selection criteria of the university and then write the admission essay based upon that. If the priority gets mismatched between you and the school, then in spite of doing well in the examination and having great vocabulary skills you might lose the opportunity. So it is better to consult with the essay writing agencies and get to know which school is looking for what.

Step 2 – Add Your Life Experiences and Achievements

The next thing that you need to include in the essay is your life experience, your achievements that you have got since your childhood. Here one thing you should be clear with is you don't need to exaggerate the matter but be simple while describing your experiences and achievements.

You might also talk about the influencers whom you follow from the bottom of your heart and why do they influence you. What are the things that motivate you to go those extra miles and what are the things you are not concerned with?

You need to be simple and truthful while elaborating on your experiences because the university officials are most likely looking for truth seekers and self-believers instead of wannabes.

Some of the examples of how exactly your experiences and achievements can be written as:

  1. "I still remember the moment when I won the third prize in the school's annual sports meets in 7th grade."
  2. "Dairy writing is my hobby and I follow my elder brother who influenced me so much for diary writing."
  3. "I am fond of playing chess and I am a big fan of Garry Kasparov whom I followed since my childhood. I like the attacking style of his gameplay and how simply he can plan and understand his opponent's mindset surprises me every time I see his games."

Step 3 – Maintain the Flow

Your writing should impress the reader from the very first sentence you write. There has to be a proper flow in your story that makes the reader interested to read more about you.

You need to be patient before you write down the content as before writing any story you need to sort out the incidents correctly one after the other so that the sequence matches. A story without a proper sequence will make the reader confused instead of engaging him/ her towards your content. You need to maintain the flow, the right sequence that interests the reader to read further.

The outline of your story should give the reader an overview of the entire thing. If that is attractive, the reader will look forward to reading the whole thing. So you hardly get the chance or time to impress the reader and that is where you need to strike. It is like the trailer of any movie. If you make it appealing, you can drive more audiences to watch the complete movie.

When you have all the points ready it becomes easier for you to pen them down in sequential order. So the main important thing is to take your time, think for it, and then write down all the points that come to mind. The points with the right sequence are the base of your story, that's the outline which makes the story readable, understandable, engaging, interesting, appealing, and genuine.

Step 4 – Write Again from the Beginning

Writing another draft is again an important thing to consider. In case, if your first draft was not impressive and it could not stand how you wanted it to be, you get another opportunity to start from the beginning once again.

On the other hand, if the first one was already good enough, then the second draft will definitely consolidate it. Things to keep in mind while writing the second draft:

  • Don't do a copy-paste of the first draft
  • Check through the first draft several times and find out the loopholes in it
  • Note down the loopholes and then start writing the second draft

Step 5 – Create the Three Hooks

Like any other content, story, or any plan, the three hooks are the essential parts that you need to include in your essay.

  • The first hook you need to insert in the initial phase of your essay that attracts the reader and makes him/ her feel interested to read more.
  • The next hook is to be applied in the main body of your story which gives a clear understanding of what your story is actually about and what you are trying to say to the reader.
  • The last hook will be present in the ending part of your essay where you need to include your personal opinion. This hook has to be the most effective one, which leaves a great impact on the reader's mind even after he finishes reading the essay.

Examples of Three Hooks

  • First Hook: "It was late summer when I just arrived at the spot which seemed like the place was waiting for me for years. I never visited the place but still, I could strongly connect with it."
  • Second Hook: "Playing chess is not in my blood but since I was introduced with this game in my childhood and was admitted to a famous academy I started liking it gradually and felt that I am in love with this game. This was the start of my chess career as a player."
  • Third Hook: "Playing chess or any other game as a hobby or profession is absolutely fine but when it comes to education then there is no replacement for it. I soon realized that irrespective of what extracurricular activity you are involved with, it is very important to give education as your first priority in life and that is what I have been maintaining so far since then."

Step 6 – Proofread

This is nothing but the correction or editing part that is most important as it is the essay writing. You need to pay the same amount of attention, in fact, a bit more while proofreading your essay.

The final touches are the finest solutions that make your essay look more solid, receive great impact from the school management, and become more authentic or realistic to the others.

You must be careful with the grammatical corrections as the wrong spelling or incorrect grammar usage gives a negative impact on the others.

Things to keep in mind while proofreading:

  1. Correct the grammatical mistakes
  2. Look for the better words that are simple to understand and also looks professional
  3. The writing should be spontaneous, lucid, and showing interest in that particular school
  4. Make sure that the sentences are not too long and all the lines should be clearly understandable.

Be natural, be spontaneous when you tell your story through the essay. Nobody likes a copycat or a wannabe- be yourself and things will start working for you. Yes, it's true that the admission allowance to your dream school is fascinating but, nothing to worry as this is not the end of life in case you don't get the chance in the school you want to.

All you need to do is to keep moving forward and try doing better, improve your skills every day and you'll be able to drive all the positive forces towards you.

FAQ's On How to Write an Admission Essay

Question 1.
What should be the format of the College Admission Essay?

See, frankly speaking, there's no specific format to it while it depends upon certain factors such as who is writing the essay and what kind of college he is going to apply for or for which course he is looking to get his admission done.

It requires deep analysis of the college/ course, self-realisation, bright insights, confidence, and the zeal to overcome the barriers. The approach of writing should be unique in your own way, your words should represent your confident nature, they should be simple, spontaneous, free-flowing, lucid, appealing, and genuine.

But for a basic idea of a rough layout or a basic format of your essay should be like this:

  • The essay should have an attractive and confident title
  • The introduction should be interesting, it should be able to draw the attention of the reader and make him feel to read the body of the content.
  • Then comes the main body of the essay where you should talk about the main things, that is, about you, your experiences, achievements, thinking, social responsibilities, and more.
  • Then comes the conclusion where you need to talk about your point of view, your future planning, aim in life, and how you think things should be in the future.

It has to have a great impact on the reader that once he finishes reading the essay, he will remember it for a long.

Question 2.
How do I write an interesting introduction?

Well, here I am telling you some real facts, that is it's not so easy writing an interesting intro. It requires a lot of practice (of course, if you are not already a seasoned writer).

So yes, it requires a huge amount of practice before you think of writing an interesting introduction. And there will always be a difference between your introduction and the one written by a professional writer.

But still, there are two ways to write an interesting introduction for an admission essay.

  • First Way: This I have already mentioned. That is, you'll need to practice hard, at least for a couple of months to get that flow of writing. At this moment, your writing abilities are unpolished but you can polish that up only by writing, writing, and writing.
  • Second Way: Add some interesting incidents, such as "Last summer when I was in New York, I met a person who showed me something really interesting and I still remember it".

Or else you can add some famous poets quotes or some famous personality's quotes that look attractive. This way, you can easily write an interesting introduction to your admission essay.

Question 3.
Are there any admission essay writing services available with the admission guarantee?

Nobody can give you any guarantee, but of course, there will be assurance given to you that your essay will click! There are numerous essay writing services available online whom you can contact and explain your criteria, the school and course you are looking at, etc.

You can hire essay writing services online at a very reasonable rate. So you'll be free from all sorts of tension as these people know how to write an admission essay that clicks!

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