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Thursday, 17 September 2020

How to Write a Cause and Effect Essay | Types, Steps, Format of a Cause and Effect Essay

  Propertrick       Thursday, 17 September 2020

How to Write a Cause and Effect Essay: What is a Cause and Effect Essay? The process of discovering and discussing certain events that eventually led to a certain result is the main structure of a cause and effect essay. In a cause and effect essay, it is being discussed in a rhetorical manner, which led to specific results. Cause and effect essays are not only assigned to students in a writing class, but also to employees to write about the cause and effect in a particular company.

Cause and effect essays are a common method of organizing and talking about ideas. It is concerned with why certain things happened (cause) and what will be the outcome of it (effect).

One should be careful about the fact that just because an event occurs because a cause doesn't mean that they have to be related. In this type of essay, the author analyses the cause and effect of popular event r action.

When writing a cause and effect essay, if the event takes place around you in the world or on something you are aware of, then writing the essay becomes easier. Whereas if it is on something unknown, it increases knowledge about something new and increases the reasoning ability.

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Types Of Cause And Effect Essay

Mainly cause and effect essays can be divided into three types. They are classified based on the number of and relationships between different causes and effects. They are:

  1. One Effect With Many Causes: In this kind of essay, the main idea is to examine the various reasons, preferably from different fields, contributing to one particular effect. In this type of essay, it is illustrated how many causes can lead to one effect. On examining the fundamental process, you will be able to showcase your knowledge about the topic.
  2. One Cause Leading To Many Effects: This type of cause and effect essay demonstrates how one cause can be having several consequences of a particular problem or decision. The author has to prove their analytical mastery and comprehensive knowledge regarding the topic. It is not needed to present your argument. Having a part of in-depth knowledge about the problem and the roots of events that took place helps in writing the essay.
  3. Chain of Causes And Effects: This type of cause and effect essay is the most challenging. The author needs to maintain a chain of logic, showcasing and supporting the chronology of actions and sequences, eventually leading to the chain's end. Along with being the most difficult type of cause and effect essay, it is also the most interesting type.

Steps on writing a Cause And Effect Essay

In this type of essay, you will be looking for a handful of actions and reactions leading to the effect. Establishing a logical explanation for the actions and reactions helps in making the essay more well-crafted.

  • Choosing an Appropriate Topic: Choosing an essay topic driven by several causes leading to an effect or effects is necessary. The topic should be that the pattern of causes and results can be recognized and demonstrated in an organized manner to the reader(s). Select a topic that you already have some idea about; this makes the writing process easier.
  • Providing Supporting Details And Brainstorming Ideas: After selecting the topic, you need to decide whether you want to focus more on the cause or the effect. This step is very important to support your essay topic and build a constructive essay. Extensive research should be done from books, websites, journals, films, archives, surveys, experiments, and interviews. Gathering information from various topics gives a good assertive impression about your essay to the reader.
  • Outlining the Essay: After a complete research on the topic is done, outlining the gathered information eases the writing process and makes the essay well-built. The outlining of the essay also ensure the points are repeated or missed out on.
  • Introductory Paragraph: In the introductory paragraph, you should give a general idea about the cause and effect essay. A thesis statement regarding the topic of the essay should be provided at the end of the introduction. A thesis statement gives a clear indication to experienced readers whether you know what you are writing about. Talk about why the topic is important to be discussed. Provide a well-developed thesis statement to support your essay also clearly state whether you are talking about the causes, effects, or both.
    • How it is relevant in today's modern world.
    • How the topic affected you or how you learned about it.
  • The Body: This is the paragraph where major details and shreds of evidence regarding the topic should be provided. This is where assembling all the causes and effects comes in handy and makes the writing process way easier and more efficient. It would beneficial if you remembered a few things while the body does not make the points repetitive and not to mention the causes and effects without proper grounds to back it up to fill up the words.

Furthermore, it would be best to make sure that the causes you are proving for effect are linked to each other and relevant. This is very important, especially for the chained type of causes and effects essay. There should be arguments, details, researches, and pieces of evidence provided regarding the topic.

Each paragraph of the body should be based on one topic relating to the causes and effects matter. For this, you need to elaborate and talk about each cause(s) of the subject or each effect(s). The body should have a minimum of three paragraphs.

Conclusion: The conclusion of a cause and effect essay should summarize the thesis statement given in the introductory paragraph. A well-crafted conclusion gives the idea that you have a strong understanding of the subject.

Sometimes a well-written conclusion points out the mistakes or lacking points in the body.

  • Write a Rough Draft: Using the outline that you just created, write down the essay's rough to get a clearer idea of the outline that you made and have a better visual view of the researched points.
  • Fill In The Blanks: Without outlining, this step is not possible. Once done is when you start filling in the blanks with details that have been missed out. While filling out the gaps, you should remember that the points shouldn't be repeated.
  • Revise: On finishing the essay, make sure to revise it thoroughly for potential mistakes and make the changes accordingly.

Format of Cause And Effect Essay

As mentioned earlier in the passage there are three types of cause and effect essays. Each type is quite similar to one another. The basic structure is identical for each type:

A Clear And Compact Introductory Paragraph With The Thesis Statement At The End Of The Paragraph: In introducing a causes and effects essay, it is necessary to mention whether you are talking more about causes or effects. The importance of the topic of the essay should be mentioned in the introduction and why it should be discussed.

The Proper Linkage Between The Given Causes And The Effects: The causes should be well researched and be linked to the final effects of the problem. You should be well versed with the fact that not all the causes regarding the situation lead to the effect. This problem can be solved by researching well from various sources.

The Body Paragraph Containing The Evidential Support: The body of the essay written should be divided into several paragraphs, with each paragraph elaborating on one point of the issue. The issue should be backed up on the grounds of evidential support. Students should remember that to maintain the chronological sequence of the causes-effects. The following points should be mentioned in a body,

  • Chronology: The events that occurred that became the cause of the problem should be arranged in order.
  • Order of Importance: While writing the essay, either of the two patterns should be used. Either from the least to most important or the most to the least important.
  • Categorize: The details should be grouped according to events and parts.
  • Conclusion: The conclusion of the written essay should be restating the points mentioned earlier in the essay.

FAQ's On How to Write a Cause and Effect Essay

Question 1.
What are the main suggestions to keep in mind when writing a Cause And Effect Essay?

The things to keep in mind when writing a cause and effect essay are:

  • While writing a cause and effect essay, remember your purpose. Remember whether you are writing your essay to inform or persuade.
  • Focus on causes that are close to now. This makes the research process easier. Recent causes can be linked with other causes directly.
  • Supporting pieces of evidence make the essay stronger and well-constructed. Definitions, surveys, interviews, statistical data, and articles are the proofs that make the essay stronger.
  • Be sure about what the information is valid.

Question 2.
Give a few examples of topics for cause and effect essay.

A few topics for cause and effect essays are:

  • The changes in the ocean.
  • Effects of pollution.
  • The civil rights movement and impact.
  • Internet influence on kids.
  • Alcohol and its effects on the nervous system.
  • Domestic violence
  • Growing up to a single parent.

Question 3.
Steps to remember to improvise a cause and effect essay.

The following points should be remembered while writing a cause and effect essay to make it constructive:

  • Causes and effects should be well distinguished.
  • The thesis statement should be well developed. State whether you will be talking about the cause, or effect, or both.
  • Search and categorize the supporting details.
  • Proper transitions should be used.

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