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Thursday, 17 September 2020

How to Write a Classification Essay | Steps, Format and Types of a Classification Essay

  Propertrick       Thursday, 17 September 2020

How to Write a Classification Essay: What Is A Classification Essay? To organize things into categories is the purpose of a Classification Essay. It can be defined as a formal piece of writing to showcase your ability to classify ideas, characters and objects with shared characteristics into groups or categories.

Before beginning a classification essay, the student must decide on what basis they want to organize or sort things. In a classification essay, the author is expected to categorize the material in a concise matter.

When writing a classification essay, the student should choose an issue that can be divided into various subcategories that all are linked to the topic's classification.

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A classification essay differs from any other essay as it requires an extensive amount of research. To classify them, you will need a detailed study to back up the grounds of the classification. It is up to the author to decide the criteria of classification, but there should be proper reasoning to support the classification.

Categories of various classifications should be thoroughly researched, to avoid the deletion of any pieces of evidence and classifications which would make the essay incomplete.

Types Of Classification Essay

There are a few types of classification essay, out of which the most common are:

  • Degree: In the essay, the author breaks the topic down from lower to higher. Classification based on a degree is to judge the value. For example, good, better, best or small, medium, large or cheap, affordable, expensive.
  • Parts: During classification based on parts, the essay breaks down the topic into components. For example, parts of a car or features of a machine.
  • Types: In this type of classification essay, the topic is broken down into the main kinds of the subject. For example, there are a few types of cars, such as SUVs, minivans, sedans.
  • Characteristics: The essay describes various significant features of the subject. For example, the factors of a new mobile phone such as the camera quality, space on the phone, price of the phone, outer body etc.
  • Chronology: This type of essay breaks up the topic of the essay according to various periods of time. For example, past, present, future or ancient age, middle ages or modern ages.

Steps for Writing A Classification Essay

  • Get An Idea On The Topic: To write a classification essay, you need to choose a topic that can be easily and widely researched. Choosing a fairly recent topic is beneficial as it makes the research process easier. It helps to collect evidence for the classification. You will need to observe different categories from different angles to make your essay more interesting to the reader.
  • Doing Proper Research: Before you start with the essay, learn and explore the different possibilities of the classification and the various angles of the topic. Doing proper extensive research on the subject helps in making the essay stronger and interesting. Make sure you cover pressing issues regarding the matter and talk about things that are yet to be discussed. Also, make sure that while writing the essay do not mix up the categories into which they are being classified.
  • Construct the Thesis Statement: In a classification essay, the thesis statement is the foundation of the essay. In this writing, a thesis statement should briefly give an idea about the approaches to your writing. The thesis statement should be encircling the concept of the essay, giving the reader a suggestion about the essay.
  • Developing an Outline: Once you are done researching and constructing the thesis statement for the essay, it is very helpful to outline the essay. Creating an overview is especially very important for a classification essay because you need to categorize the various issues according to their origin. As the essay grows, the categorization needs to be maintained. Outlining is also beneficial for having an overview of the information that you have collected, and decide how you want to plan the essay. A classification essay namely has three parts they are:
    • Introduction: Like any other essay, the introduction is the starting point of the essay. In this section, you should recognize the topic and mention what you are going to be categorizing. The author can also discuss the purpose of this kind of essay, and the topic is important for discussion. The thesis statement is to be added at the end of the introductory paragraph. This gives the reader a brief explanation of the criteria of classification. Mention the importance of the topic of and why it needs to be discussed.
      • How the topic affected you on a personal level.
      • What effect the topic has on today's world.
    • Body Paragraph: The number of categories that you have is the number the paragraphs you need to divide the body into. Each paragraph should be discussing on one category in detail. Remember not to include too many points into the essay; this might make your essay blurry and confusing. Try to be specific and on-point about your classifications. It is suggested to start every paragraph with a new topic sentence, which will help to identify the particular category. Eventually provide more researched information in the paragraph.
    • Conclusion: In the end, the author should summarize all the points that he has mentioned in the essay. Talk about the various types and approaches that you have mentioned in the passage. You can give a brief one-liner on every topic but make sure not to make it repetitive.
  • Revise and Fill in the Blanks Passage: Once done with the passage, make sure to read and re-read what you have penned down. This step is necessary because a lot of times students skip a few points they intended to write, and this step helps them to fill back those blanks. While revising remember the following points:
    • Make sure to start with the larger view; because on reading the entire passage, it gives you the idea about the logical flow, if there is a gap or not. If there is a gap, you need to supply more information.
    • Keep it simple and to the point. Get rid of all unnecessary points and words that are not needed.
    • Finally, go through the entire passage and check for any grammatical mistakes and correct them. Make sure no points are repetitive.

Often authors skip this step after the research and the writing, but this is the easiest step. Re-reading the passage helps in increasing the clarity of the essay.

Classification Essay Writing Format

  • A Clear And Crisp Introductory Paragraph: The introductory paragraph in a classification essay is where the author gets to describe the topic with broad opening statements. As you proceed with the introduction, you need to get specific about the importance of the subject. The introduction gives the reader(s) a brief idea of what the essay is based around. At the ending of the paper, there should be a provisional thesis statement.
  • A Well-Crafted Thesis Statement Clearly Stating The Purpose Of The Essay: The thesis statement of any essay is the most important aspect. The thesis statement states something important to the audience. It controls the essence of the essay. In short, the thesis statement of an essay says not only the subject of the essay and what it is based on but also lets the reader know why it is an important topic and is worth the reader's time. A proper well-built thesis statement makes the entire essay in focus and adequate. A well-crafted thesis statement ought to have the following qualities.
    • Identifying the specific purpose of the essay and a particular way of realizing the objective.
    • Propound something about the essay.
    • The statement should be identifiable, short and to the point.
    • Conclude the introductory paragraph.

Finally, the thesis statement should outline the purpose of the essay and summarize what the reader can expect in the passage.

Explaining Every Category In The Body Paragraph: While writing, you need to make sure that every point is elaborated in a different paragraph. Every topic mentioned in the thesis statement should be separately discussed in a separate section.

Every category should have examples backing up the grounds on which the evidence can be supported. The goal is to explain how each example fits into every class. The body paragraph of your essay should have at least three or more paragraphs; which means at least three or more points supporting the topic along with evidence.

The Clear And Proper Transition Between Introduction, Body And Conclusion: Transition is the tool of a well-crafted essay that holds the essay together. Without accurate shifts, the reader would not be able to keep up with the classifications.

Conclusion of How to Write a Classification Essay

Summarize the various categories that you put together in the body paragraph in the final paragraph. It would help if you emphasized why the passage came to an end. Conclude by restating the purpose of the essay and offering a summary of the key points in the passage.

FAQ's on How to Write a Classification Essay

Question 1.
What are the few things to remember while writing a classification essay?

For writing a classification essay, here are a few quick tips:

  • Make sure to define and elaborate on each category. Make a list of the main types to discuss the.
  • To make your essay stronger provide as many shreds of evidence as you can to support the point.
  • Try and draw comparisons and contrasts.

Question 2.
What is the purpose of a classification essay?

The purpose of a classification essay is to break down a subject into smaller categories to make the topic manageable. Smaller categories help in making sense of the issue and how it is affecting the world. The subcategories in a classification essay are the main part of it.

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