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Thursday, 17 September 2020

How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay | Steps and Types of Compare and Contrast Essay

  Propertrick       Thursday, 17 September 2020

How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay: What Is A Compare And Contrast Essay? A compare and contrast essay is a type of paper where you have to compare two things or people for their similarities and their dissimilarities. In a compare and contrast essay, you have to analyze the two subjects given for elements of similarity and dissimilarity. The key to writing a good compare and contrast essay is to choose two or more issues that can are connected in a meaningful way.

The intent of a compare and contrast essay is not to state the obvious facts about their similarities and their dissimilarities, your job is to highlight the subtle differences and the surprising similarities that can be found.

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A compare and contrast essay is mostly factual. Hence it can quickly become tedious for the readers, and they may lose interest. To engage your readers and to pique their interest, it is best to mention rarely known facts of similarities about the two different topics. You can also choose to focus on the comparison or the dissimilarities of the two subjects. It would help if you then tallied whether the similarities are more remarkable than the distinctions or vice verse.

A compare and contrast essay should have a thesis statement that you have written based on whichever is greater, the similarities or the dissimilarities.

If you want to focus on the comparison, the two subjects chosen must seem different at first or seem unrelated.  It will be easier to take hold your reader's attention that way.

You however have to choose two subjects from the same genre. For example, you can choose two actors or actresses, two different fruits, two different trees, etc.

The more drastic the differences between the two subjects, the more interesting you can make your compare and contrast essay by mentioning their similarities.

Types Of Compare And Contrast Essay

According to the format in which the points are discussed, compare and contrast essays may be divided into a few categories. They are mentioned below.

  1. Point by Point Method: In this type of format, the compare and contrast essay is to be written in the following method.
    1. Point 1: Discuss the first point of the first subject
    2. Point 2: Discuss the first point of the second subject
      Compare and Contrast: Discuss the points of similarities and dissimilarities of the first and the second subject.
    3. Point 3: Discuss the next point of the first subject
    4. Point 4: Discuss the next point for the second subject
      Compare and Contrast: Discuss the second points for the first and second subjects and how they are comparable or are different.
      Continue with the next points on both of the subjects in a similar manner.
  2. Alternate Method: In this format of compare and contrast essay, you have to first uncover one information that is used to create a contrast or create a similarity between the two subjects of interest. The pattern should be as follows.
First Information (1st paragraph) Subject one similarity or dissimilarity) Subject two (similarity or dissimilarity)
Second information (2nd paragraph) Subject one (similarity or dissimilarity) Subject two (similarity or dissimilarity)

Continue with this format for as many points of information as you have gathered.

  1. Block Method or Subject by Subject Method: In this format, you are required to discuss the point for the first subject and then all the points of the second subject and then vice versa.
Paragraph 1 to 3 Subject one Subject two (all the points)
Paragraph 4 to 5 Subject two Subject one (all the points)

During writing a compare and contrast essay according to the block method, it is crucial not to inject two unrelated pieces into a thesis statement. The first subject should make explicit reference with the second subject as to how they are similar or different. This will help the readers to engage with the essay.

Steps Of Writing A Compare and Contrast Essay

Writing a Compare and contrast essay is diametrically different from writing a regular theme. You should follow multiple steps must in a compare and contrast essay. You have to remember a few points while writing the article, as are mentioned below.

Select two topics for comparison- In the compare and contrast essays given in school assignments, you will be assigned with the topics for comparison. In case it is not mentioned, you have to create a basis for comparison on the subject you choose.

If you have to select a subject, it is required to choose the topics such that they are comparable or have points of similarities and dissimilarities. If the issues have more similarities than dissimilarities, try and add more dissimilarity to make the essay more intriguing.

  • Gather Information: To write a distinguishable essay, you have to gather information. Try and minimize the use of the amount of well known and prominent information about the two subjects that you will compare. You can quickly pick a significant amount of data from books, articles, magazines, newspapers, etc. The topics chosen should be described well in your essay.

The information gathered should preferably be unique and informative. The essay will become very intriguing if you add little or unknown facts about the subjects.

Brainstorm about the similarities and the dissimilarities of the subjects. Make two lists, one about the similarities and one about the discrepancies. Club the points of contrasts about a piece of available information.

Traits that differ are to be noted separately about issues that overlap; this is an aid since it organizes similarities and dissimilarities. You can come up with a Venn diagram to see which of these information overlap. Next, see how the information about the subjects gathered is similar and how much of the word differs. This will help you to write the thesis of the essay.

  • Hone Your Main Argument: A standard compare and contrast essay goes way beyond a simple listing of the information. To make a meaningful statement, you have to paint a bigger picture of the two subjects. Write what strikes you the most and which points are the most significant. This line of questioning should be your main argument.
  • Write an Outline: Make an outline that fits the structure of the chosen subjects. Traditionally an essay consists of an introduction paragraph, three body paragraphs and a conclusion paragraph.
  • Fill It With Supporting Facts: You have to fill the body paragraphs with relevant information supporting your thesis. The body paragraphs are where you have to present your arguments about the subjects. Fill it with relevant information and try not to make the essay tedious. Readers don't want to read data which they already know. Include spicy and relevant information about your topics.

Compare and Contrast Essay Writing Format

While writing an argumentative essay, the essay structure should be held together in the format:

Introduction: The beginning of a compare and contrast essay should be about describing the two subjects, about their origin, their structure, their functions, etc. After the end of the flashy beginning, move on to the thesis of the issue.

Your thesis should be the statement that holds the entire essay together. The thesis should be catchy and controversial so that you can describe your information through the body paragraphs.

Body Paragraphs: The body paragraph is the place where you have to describe the similarities and the dissimilarities about the topics at hand. The length of the sections should be moderate and not intimidating.

Transitions are the tool of a strong Contrast and compare essay that holds the report together. Make as many paragraphs as you need according to the number of information you have obtained. Only add a relevant and unique story to support your thesis statement about the two subjects.

Add strong transitional words to move on from one point to the other. Use words like likewise, nonetheless, on the other hand, etc. to form the ideal contrast in your essay.

Conclusion of How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay

At the end of the paragraphs, after you have finished presenting your case and prove your thesis statement, draw up a decision about the two subjects at hand. Make the conclusion relatable and make it comparable to the rest of the essay. The conclusion should match with the content of the article. Reasonable judgment should provide other exciting facts.

FAQ's On How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay

Question 1.
How can I make my compare and contrast essay unique and engaging?

Even though you may have been given specific topics like apple and orange, you can make your essay very unique by introducing information that is not known by the masses.  You have to do plenty of research work on the topics.

Come up with your unique differences according to your own experiences. Adding personal experiences and facts will make the essay much more attractive and engaging to the readers.

Question 2.
What are the points to remember about the format of a compare and contrast essay?

There are a few types of formats you can choose to write your compare and contrast essay. There are mainly three types of arrangements you can choose to opt from, the point by point method, the block method and the alternate method to point by point method.

In the point by point method, you have to mention a single point of similarity or dissimilarity about the subject and move on to the next paragraph to say the next issue of similarity or difference; this is the format which is opted by most students and which is advised by teachers to follow.

The alternate method and the block method are used only under certain circumstances. The block method, for example, is used when you have less information available about the dissimilarities of the subjects in hand.

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