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Monday, 21 September 2020

How To Write An Evaluation Essay | Types, Steps and Format of an Evaluation Essay

  Propertrick       Monday, 21 September 2020

How To Write An Evaluation Essay: What Is An Evaluation Essay? The demonstration of the overall quality or the lack thereof of a particular product, place, service, business, or program is the purpose of an evaluation essay. Even though the evaluation of a subject involves some form of opinion, if an assessment is done properly, it does not need to come across as opinionated.

An evaluation essay offers a valued judgement on a particular subject following a set of criteria.

An evaluation essay, also known as evaluation writing or report is a type of an argument providing pieces of evidence to justify your opinion on a subject. The writing should be mainly unbiased and well-reasoned.

The key to a well-crafted evaluation essay is to establish clear and fair criteria, evidence and judgement on a subject. For your writing to be successful, your argument in your evaluation essay should be providing a convincing argument.

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Keep in mind the criteria of your evaluation essay while you are evaluating. It is necessary to make sure the essay appeals to the targeted audience.

The essay that you pen down should be a summary of the article provided in the question by presenting your point of view supported with examples and shreds of evidence. The essay is to display a balanced argument. The piece is written to explain a viewpoint or opinion on a given subject or body of work.

Types Of Evaluation Essay

When writing an evaluation essay, the CJE guideline that is, criteria, judgement, and evidence should be followed.

Criteria are the desire to demonstrate the component being evaluated what can be expected as a reasonable outcome. The ideal for the product, service or brands that you are considering should be established in the criteria that you choose. These criteria will help in demonstrating what should be expected.

Judgement can be established when the criteria are being met. Whether or not the benchmark has been made is based on the judgement aspect. After judging the requirements, you can move to the next criteria.

All the evidence used to support judgement is called Evidence.  Providing clues to advocate your review is necessary. Provide evidence to support the conclusion that you have drawn.

Potential evaluation essay topics can be

  • Your favourite video game.
  • Your favourite sing from high school.
  • Wedding at a destination or getting married in a church.
  • Self-driving cars and their effect in today's world.
  • A vacation spot.
  • An education website.
  • A piece of art.

Steps for Writing An Evaluation Essay

To see how specific ideas or concept measures is a fantastic way of writing an evaluation essay. An evaluation essay can be evaluated by offering critical insight and allowing anyone reading the paper to develop an opinion based on the fair and reasonable shreds of evidence provided by the author.

Follow the following steps while starting an evaluation essay.

  • Choose Your Topic: Whatever you are writing about, whether it is on the evaluation of a movie or the service being provided at a local restaurant; you need to give a critical judgement. The judgement is delivered based on a series of criteria, making it necessary to choose a topic that you will be able to research about or the topic that you know well.
  • Develop A Thesis Statement: An evaluating essay should have athesis statement defining the overall goal or purpose of the essay. Clear directions should be provided, which will be used to distinguish between relevant examples and pieces of evidence. While writing about the quality of the product or lack thereof concerning the specific topic you are writing about should be stated clearly and carefully.
  • Consider The Criteria While Making The Judgement: When it becomes impossible to evaluate your chosen topic at first glance, consider using multiple choice of interest.
  • Research Thoroughly: Gather supporting evidence and material to make grounds for your point of view. Making your judgement about the topic and keeping your argument with proper pieces of evidence allows readers to develop an opinion of their own.
  • Evaluating The Outline Of The Essay: Outlining the essay even though not mandatory before starting it is a very creative process as it helps in getting a clear idea about all the information collected. It gives the author idea about how you need to place all the points and whether you need to order any more information. Also, it helps in making sure that no shreds of evidence are overused or repeated.
  • Introduction: Write a complete paragraph introducing the subject of the essay. Discuss the influence that it has on people, why it is important to be evaluated and provide a big picture overview of the issue. Establish your criteria for the topic given that you will be talking about to prove your thesis. The thesis statement should be established in a way to include the overall judgement and the reasons that you provide.
  • Body Paragraphs: The body of the essay is the part where all the shreds of evidence collected are mentioned and talked about in detail. Doing extensive research helps in supporting the point of view that you provided in the essay. Each criterion should be mentioned in a separate paragraph by elaborating on each point. Along with providing judgement on the first criteria, provide a topic sentence. Use a proper transition to move from your thesis to your first point. Providing valid information from examples, statistics, comparisons, testimonials and examples help in supporting the criteria. Researching the topic helps in evaluating your subject.

Follow the same pattern and provide each criterion with a judgement statement. Maintain the transitions properly to move smoothly to the next sentence. While identifying criteria for evaluation, make a list of the widely recognized and the most prominent standards for judging your subject.

The evaluation essay is made stronger by the author acknowledging the opposite view or objections and providing reasons for refusing them.

  • Conclusion: State the purpose of your essay and the thesis statement. Don't forget to change the redundancy used in the piece not to copy your opening statement. This is the final section of the essay to make an impression on the reader and leave recommendations.
  • Review, Revise and Rewrite: On finishing the essay, make sure to revise what you have penned down. This is necessary as it helps in figuring out what other points can be added and what issues can be omitted. Read through the essay thoroughly from top to bottom to get a better overview of the write-up. Make sure to correct the grammatical mistakes.

Evaluation Essay Writing Format

Introduction: The main role of the introduction of an essay is to grab the reader's attention and briefly talk about the topic of your essay. The introductory paragraph should be no longer than two to three sentences. The highlight of your overall judgement of the matter should be there in the thesis statement.

Body: Every paragraph begins with a topic sentence serving as a small introduction. For the reader to be able to agree with your evaluation, provide enough evidence.

What is the kind of pieces of evidence that you should be provided to prove your evaluation?

  • If your point of view about the subject is negative, provide enough details highlighting the negative aspects and describe the reason for your opinion.
  • Acknowledging the opposite point of view is necessary to show that you have considered the alternative and are not biased.
  • Information from first-hand experiences shows a good type of evaluation as it is from personal experience.
  • The review from other researchers and reviewers should be taken into account. This is because many people treat the same subject with a different perspective. Hence the other reviews help you in looking out for points that you may have missed.
  • When talking about a certain product or service, you need to take into consideration reviews of other customers on the product.
  • Analyze the typical expectations of the subject. The highlight of the difference between expectations and reality and help you organize your examples if your topic goes beyond the familiar genre.

Conclusion: It is beneficial to end the essay with how your expectations about the subject met reality. Talk about whether it exceeds, met, or was below your expectations. The right conclusion will help reinforce your opinions in the reader's mind.

FAQ's On How To Write An Evaluation Essay

Question 1.
While writing an evaluation essay, how can you find criteria?

Criteria of an evaluation essay are the parts of the things that you are evaluating. Some examples of criteria are as follows:

  • Movie criteria- plot, actors, the chemistry between actors, scenery, score, humour.
  • Website criteria- design, visuals, content, writing, ease in navigating, visuals.
  • A restaurant criterion: service, location, quality of food, taste, value, price, maintenance of hygiene.

Question 2.
How to write a conclusion for an essay for leaving room for further thought?

The following steps help in keeping the readers hooked essay and keep thinking about the essay:

  • End the passage with a reference from a secondary source. This should mainly echo the primary argument of your essay or provide a different perspective.
  • End by redefining a primary term mentioned in your arguments.
  • Consider the implications of your analysis in the end.

Question 3.
Mention a few tips for writing a successful evaluation essay.

The following tips will help enhance your evaluation essay:

  • Provide an accurate amount of details- Give details as to how you concluded. Provide relevant examples supporting your point of view.
  • Make sure that the evaluation that you make is to the point- layout a fruitful and constructive introduction explaining the criteria that you will be evaluating.
  • Help readers to understand your opinion- Readers will agree with your conclusions and judgements if your evaluations are not biased. Offer ample amount of shreds of evidence and examples to make it easier for the readers.

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