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Monday, 21 September 2020

How to Write a How-to Essay | Types and Format of a How-to Essay

  Propertrick       Monday, 21 September 2020

How to Write a How-to Essay: What Is A How-To Essay? A piece of writing that describes how to do something, either a task or a responsibility, is known as a how-to essay. A How-To essay has to be written in a way, explaining step by step the process of performing a task.

How-to essays are not essentially difficult, but they need extensive research on the topic to understand the process's details. A how-to essay is the technical brochures or recipes to do something.

How-to essays are also known as process essays; they are a lot like recipes. They provide instructions on how to carry out a particular task. How-to essays can be very interesting when the details about a job's process are provided interestingly, keeping the readers hooked to the essay.

The goal of providing readers with the guidance or directions on a subject is the structure of a process essay.

While writing a how-to essay, keep in mind maintaining the chronological order in which the steps are performed. It is essential to remember to not to skip any steps.

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Types Of How-To Essay

As defined earlier, how-to essays are the elaboration about the procedure of a task. They are mainly elaborative and descriptive. How-to essays are the rhetorical style of giving step-by-step guidance on how to perform a process.

There are broadly two types of how-to essays:

  • How Something Works: The heading is itself self-explanatory to emphasize the importance of clear-cut instructions, so that your readers can follow your guidance and complete each step completely. For example, one such essay topic is 'how to quit smoking.'
  • How Something Works: This is an informative type of essay which has a goal of providing the principle of how a process occurs. In contrast to the other kind, it does not encourage the audience to do something step-by-step and take action. Make sure you conclude this type of essay with readers having complete knowledge about how something functions.

For example, a topic for this type of essay is 'how an earthquake occurs.'

Steps Of Writing A How-To Essay

Writing a process or how-to essay is an easy task, but only when you have gained proper knowledge about your topic by extensive research and know about the step-by-step approach.

The following steps are supposed to be followed to develop a successful how-to essay:

  • Determine Who Your Targeted Audiences Are: Keeping in mind who your audience is and what kind of essay they expect is essential before writing a how-to essay. This will help you keep in mind the points you need to address and what language you need to address.
    • Ask yourself the following questions when doing so,
    • Whether your readers are educated on the topic, or you need to give some background references?
    • Should your essay be covering only the basic things or also mention about the advanced stuff?
    • What language should you use to make your essay interesting to the readers?
  • How the Process Can Be Divided Into Small Steps: Make sure not to make the essay monotonous by overdoing the details but again, don't miss out on the crucial steps in understanding the process. Try and find a balance between the steps that should be included and elaborated; and the ones that should be discarded.
  • Outline: A how-to essay describes how a thing is done. Once done with the research for the piece, make a list of all the details of information about the topic that you have collected plan out how you want to include them in the passage. Make sure that you have that in the correct sequence. Try and find much detail that you need to make your essay appealing and informative to an audience. Every essay that is being penned down must include an introduction, body, and conclusion.
  • Introduction: begin the essay in a concise yet creative manner, but don't immediately rush into it. The goal is to write a few sentences that will draw the reader's attention. Give a hint about the length of the procedure that you are going to discuss.
  • Body: Usually, every separate point in an essay is elaborated in a separate paragraph. Grouping by time, chronology, and idea helps in making the essay interesting. Keeping in mind that most readers may not have performed the process before, mention every small detail that you think is necessary to complete the process successfully. Giving the readers a clear vision of what the task is and how it needs to be performed will have a much higher chance of succeeding in the job. These types of essays should be including several steps informing the readers about the detailed instructions of each procedure. In a how-to essay, the reader must be informed about how the end product will be and what can be done.
  • Conclusion: When wrapping up the essay with the ending, don't forget to inform your audience what the outcome should have been by the end of the process. Conclude the paper by briefly summarizing the important steps in the process and provide detailed information about the final product for the readers to visualize. Your conclusion should summarize all the points that you tried to have mentioned and achieved throughout the essay. But keep in mind while writing not to repeat any points.
  • Revise, Recheck, and Edit: Once through with the writing, refer to your outline again to check that you have not skipped any points. Please take responsibility for checking the chronology in which you have provided the information and how you have grouped them. Keep in mind to keep the essay easy to understand and detailed about the process for everyone to understand. Curtail the number of steps that you take and hold them to the point and accurate.

How-To Essay Writing Format

Like every other essay, the how-to essay is broadly divided into three parts introduction, body, and conclusion.

How to Write an Introduction to a How-to Essay

To make the process essay attractive to the readers, the introduction's first sentence should be impressive and engaging. Process or how-to essays, when penned down properly, have the best impression on readers.

The introductory sentence acting as an attention grabber to the readers is followed by informative sentences serving as a springboard for the thesis statement. The thesis statement should be stated clearly as the essay's subject matter is contained in the sentence. The following stated points help to enhance your introductory passage.

  • Clearly state how much time it will take to perform the task. In order to help your readers by saving their time, mention how long the process that you propose is going to last.
  • Mention your historical background of the process that you are mentioning. Introduce your readers to the roots of your solution.
  • At the end of the introductory paragraph, mention the thesis statement. Your essay's thesis statement should state why your procedure is the best and why the readers should trust it and search no more.

How to Write the Body of a How-to Essay

The body of a process essay talks in detail about the topic or subject. The body paragraph of a How-to essay includes all the events and information on the subject, with each point being elaborated in a separate section.

The first line of every new section in the body should start with that paragraph's main point in sentence format. Support each point that you mentioned by describing, discussing, and explaining with evidence or examples. Link every section by transitions.

Keep in mind not to leave the body paragraphs hanging. The sections should be linked using proper transitions and connected to the thesis statement. The maintenance of momentum is done by mainly placing the shifts at the end of the paragraph.

How to Conclude a How-to Essay

To conclude, a process essay bear in mind to keep a reflection of what has been discussed in the body and keep it linked to the thesis statement. Take responsibility for making the reader feel convinced about the topic.

FAQ's on How to Write a How-to Essay

Question 1.
Mention a few points to make the body of a How-to essay interesting.

The points to be remembered when framing the body of a How-to Essay:

  • Bring to light one point that you want to mention in one separate paragraph.
  • Could you keep it to the point and precise?
  • Enough details should be provided in each step, including the main goal. Also, mention why you chose this method for achievement.

Question 2.
What the characteristics of a process or how-to essay?

The following features characterize a how-to essay:

  • The chronological order of the described events should be maintained.
  • The narration of the process should be done in a proper manner.
  • The order of the process should be fixed.
  • The transition between one paragraph to another, focusing on the main point, should be done smoothly by maintaining the connection between the points.
  • The proper description of the steps to be followed in the process.

Question 3.
What are the abilities that a process essay helps in developing?

A how-to or process essay helps in expanding the following abilities:

  • Analytical: To write a successful process essay, you need to think analytically. You need to describe the actions in dynamics and keep the interest of everyone in mind.
  • Information Prioritization: Using vague expressions reduces paper quality. When writing, the pap uses precise phases. When researching, you need to analyze several and choose from many them to add to your work.
  • Keep an Eye on the Details: This is very important when writing a how-to essay. Scrutinize and phase every value for the readers. Elements play a great role because your readers will be reading and following the steps.

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