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Saturday, 19 September 2020

How to Write an Opinion Essay | Steps and Format of an Opinion Essay

  Propertrick       Saturday, 19 September 2020

How to Write an Opinion Essay: What Is An Opinion Essay? An opinion essay is a type of paper where you must express your opinions about a given subject. You are supposed to write your point of view and back then up with the information available. To write an engaging opinion essay, you first have to take the time to research your subject and polish your statements.

  • Try to avoid vague statements and convey your thoughts with clarity to simplify your readers' subject and to engage them in the essay. In an opinion essay, begin by mentioning the issue about which you will say your opinion. Describe it and then move on to why you think you are correct about your subject.
  • It is vital to write the essay in a direct format. Make sure to acknowledge the opposing views in your writing. Mention why you think that they need to stand corrected.
  • Please describe how your point of view is similar to their facts and how yours is better and more progressive. Express what you think should change in the statements opposing yours.
  • Opinion Essays can range from writing reviews, petitions, signs, letters, articles, and others. Since it is an informative article, you shoulder the burden of delivering the correct opinion about the subject. Hence, you have to be patient with your writing.
  • Be careful not to use any negative information about your opponents. The readers will follow your narrative; hence don't lead then in the wrong direction.
  • Be passionate about your statements, and avoid any sour tones towards any particular stance. Describe what you think to be correct, but do not be biased towards a single topic. It would be knowledgeable if you did not let your emotions take hold of your writing. Hence avoid using sarcasm and derisive language since it makes you sound unprofessional.
  • Being respectful towards your opponents only shows your readers your humanitarian qualities; this will draw them towards your stance and agree with you.

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Steps Of Writing An Opinion Essay

This type of essay is a piece of writing that requires a student to take a stance on an issue. In an excellent argumentative essay, the author will try to persuade their readers and support their point of view by providing facts and facts to support their answer.

An opinion essay requires extensive research on the topic from previously published articles. This essay genre also requires factual research from interviews, experiments, and surveys to support the argument. A comprehensive and elaborate study on the topic allows students to learn about the issue and understand the different points of view to generate an opinion and support their argument with evidence.

These following steps should be followed in an opinion essay:

Select a Controversial Topic

To write an opinion essay, you first have to select a debatable issue. If no one has assigned you with a definite subject, select a topic about which you are passionate.

The subject should be one on which you can conduct a lot of research, hence it should be well known. Please select a topic that is relatable with the masses; that way, your research will be meaningful and give your readers information that they don't already know.

Do Research

Learn and explore the subject extensively and thoroughly. Go through different materials such as articles, interviews, and surveys regarding the topic to support your answer. Always provide the correct information.

Be sure that you provide truthful information to support your answer. It is unethical to make up information to back up your opinion.

Make sure to cover the pressing issues regarding the topic and address new angles about the uncommon subject very often.

Make an Outline

Make a rough draft about what you want to express. Brainstorm the points that seem then most significant and highlight them. Use the most crucial issues at regular intervals to make your essay interesting to all your readers.

  • Change paragraphs after each of your opinions so that it is easily graspable to your readers. Write your statement at one side and mention the opposing theory on the other to get a good visual about the point you want to make.
  • With the available information from your research, give shreds of evidence to support your opinion. Make sure that the proofs you have collected match with your stated point of view.

While brainstorming, think about questions that your readers can ask about your opinion like

  • What answers to question do your readers want from your article?
  • What questions should you answer?
  • What are the essential points that you need to highlight?
  • Are there any inconsistent or contradictory sentences?
  • How can you improve your argument?

Look at the list of ideas and organize them in such a way to answer all the above questions. Decide the arrangement of the pieces of information. Decide which of them needs to go at the beginning of your article. Arrange which of them should go at the end so that they can create a lasting impact on your readers.

Opinion Essay Writing Format

While writing an Opinion essay, a specific format is to be maintained. You have to follow this structure of writing in all the standard opinion essays. The essay structure should be held together in the following format:


  • You should start the article with an introductory paragraph. In the preceding paragraph, you have to mention a few subjects.
  • First, you have to begin by explaining the matter about which you will express your views.
  • Make sure you explain the issue clearly and with ease. Next, mention a quote, from anywhere, be it a play, a book, a magazine, etc.
  • You can then say a thesis statement. The thesis is a statement that you have to come up with, which summarizes your subject's main issues.
  • You can then ask a rhetorical question that you can answer with the opinion which you are providing through your piece.
  • After an introduction, which is sure to intrigue the readers, you can move on.
  • By adding an unanswered question, you further encourage your readers to read your article since it will provide the answer.

Main Body

  • After a flashy and magnetic introduction, it is time to move into the topic's main body. The main portion of the article or the report's body paragraphs is the most extensive section of your item.
  • You can address your readers directly while expressing your concerns about the given statement.
  • By speaking directly to the readers, you make a bold impression on them.
  • Address one issue about your subject and introduce why your opinion is the solution to the problem. While doing so, you can also mention a few of the views from the opposing side.
  • You should consider beginning a new paragraph only when you want to introduce a new angle about your stance. Move on with the rest of the information in sections accordingly.
  • While writing an opinion essay, always remember to pay attention to the tense used.
  • You should always use the present tense while addressing the issue.
  • Use different linking words or transition statements to move from one point to the other effortlessly.
  • Use transition statements between expressing the opposing view about the subject and your own corrected opinion.
  • You should avoid the use of any sour tone while addressing the opposite side.
  • Avoid the use of sarcasm, anger, or any bias to the opposing side. You should try to have a positive mind, and don't be judgemental.
  • Use their shreds of evidence against the opponents with your statements. Use evidence to back up your claims.
  • Use factual information since they have a more significant impact on the readers.
  • Vague comments and pure opinion are baseless if not backed up by hard evidence. Use credible statistics and research to strengthen your argument.

Conclusion on How to Write an Opinion Essay

  • This is the paragraph that summarises the points stated in the body paragraphs. Restate your thesis point and review the main points.
  • A satisfactory conclusion appeals to the reader and leaves a lasting impact on them.
  • You may talk about your personal experience of how the topic affects you to bring a more humane approach to the readers.
  • Overall conclude with a final concrete fact that will urge your readers to agree with whatever you have said.
  • Say these with a passion so that those reading may be influenced by it and leaves them on edge.

FAQ's On How to Write an Opinion Essay

Question 1.
How is an opinion essay different from a persuasive and an argumentative essay?

All of the mentioned essay formats are used to convey factual information to the readers. The way the statements are made and the designs of these essays are varied. The differences between opinion, persuasive, and argumentative essays are mentioned below.

  Opinion Essay Persuasive Essay Argumentative Essay
Definition The writer takes up a stance and supports it with their reasons The writer expresses their opinions, supports it with reason and appeals to the readers to support. The writer used to research, reasons, evidence and logical statements to make a claim
Grades 1st-5th Not mentioned in the school syllabus 6th-12th
Purpose To provide an opinion about a controversial subject To influence the audience to do something To prove a point
Format Intro
Claim/ thesis

Question 2.
What is the format of an Opinion Essay?

An opinion should follow the following format

  1. Introduction (with thesis)
  2. Body paragraphs (core subject)
  3. Conclusion

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