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Wednesday, 23 September 2020

How to Write a Persuasive Essay | Steps and Format of a Persuasive Essay

  Propertrick       Wednesday, 23 September 2020

How to Write a Persuasive Essay: What Is A Persuasive Essay? A  piece of writing in which you have to write about a case and convince your readers to accept your particular point of view or take a specific course of action is called a persuasive essay. In a persuasive essay, you need to gather as much information as possible relevant to your subject.

You have to shoulder the responsibility of directing your readers' opinions in the correct direction. It would be best if you swayed their views in the direction you think is right. You need to make your readers motivated to make some change or agree with something you think is correct.

The research you conduct should be entirely correct. It is immoral to provide the masses with the wrong facts to agree with your topic.

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A persuasive essay's topic is generally controversial and well known by everyone. If the case is not provided to you, select a meaningful and relatable topic for most people. Write about matters which affect regular people; that way, you will have a wider reach.

The art of persuasion can be challenging to master, especially for students who are experienced in academic writing. Persuasive writing is diametrically different than regular academic essays since they are impersonal.

Persuasive writing is constantly prevalent in modern life. We can find influential reports in advertising, newspapers, articles, blogs, and political speeches. Writing a persuasive essay aims to prompt or convince an audience to think or act in a particular manner. Persuasive writing is given to a student to gauge their concerns about ongoing, contemporary issues.

The quality of persuasive writing is dependent on your leadership skills. Through your paper, you have to make a strong impact so that people are prepared to agree with your perspective about what needs to be done.

It would help if you were passionate about the message that you are trying to convey. If you aren't passionate about your subject, there is no way your readers will feel the piece's strength. It may come across as bland and uninteresting. No matter how minor the issue may be, if you speak about it with passion, the readers will catch your spirit and be influenced and even moved by your writing.

Steps Of Writing A Persuasive Essay

This type of essay is a piece of writing that requires a student to take a stance on an issue and motivate their readers to do what is correct. In an excellent persuasive essay, the author will try to persuade their readers and support their point of view by providing facts to support their answer.

A persuasive essay requires extensive research on the topic from previously published articles. This essay genre also requires factual research from interviews, experiments, and surveys to support the argument. A comprehensive and elaborate study on the topic allows students to learn about the issue and understand the different points of view to generate the best stance to influence the crowd.

The steps of writing a standard persuasive essay are:

  • Choose a Position: You should select a contemporary, ongoing problem and decide which side you are drawn towards more. From a controversial topic, like the side, that appeals to you and tries to find why others should follow your lead. You should select an issue popular among people since you have to do plenty of research on the topic. Try to think like others think and try to understand their perspective and get an idea of what to write to make the correct statements in your persuasive essay.
  • Understand the Audience: An effective persuasive essay can only be written if you understand how people think or feel about the matter at hand. If you can comprehend others' thought processes, you can understand the best path to lead them to step by step. Decide whether you have a strong stance or not. Understand if the readers will be inclined to favor you or not. These questions will guide to take the persuasion step by step.
  • Do Research: Anything great can only be achieved through hard work and research. After selecting your side, you have to collect substantial evidence which will make people attracted to your propaganda. No one will be willing to agree with your stance if they are not presented with convincing evidence like statistical reports, newspaper article quotes by famous people like author, environmental activists, noble laureates, etc.

Gather as much information as possible which supports your statement. By showing that famous and known faces to believe in what you keep, people will more likely be convinced by your writing.

Persuasive Essay Writing Format

It is recommended to follow a particular, standard format to guide your readers through your speech. This format should be maintained in all persuasive essays. All formal writing pieces are written in a known form. You should strictly follow the format unless specifically and explicitly directed not to.

The format is given below:


  • Begin your essay with an introductory paragraph.
  • To grab your readers' attention, mention a brutal fact or write a quote by a famous person who supports your stand.
  • After gripping your readers' attention, start by describing the subject and the overview of the argument.
  • Give a brief account of the idea representing both sides to the same point.
  • Then conclude the introduction with a statement known as the thesis statement.
  • A thesis statement is used to clarify your position in the matter you will discuss in your essay.

Body Paragraphs: Body paragraphs are your essay's portion where you need to elaborate on your topic in detail.

  • First, you have to begin by explaining the matter about which you will express your views.
  • Make sure you explain the issue with clarity and proficiency.
  • Describe the subject for what it is, then moving on to your argument. It would help if you wrote a single piece of information that supports your answer and then expand it.
  • You should not mention more than one supporting detail in each of the body paragraphs.
  • After writing a piece of evidence, move on to the next section, and describe your next issue about the given topic.
  • Use transition statements between expressing the opposing view about the subject and your own corrected opinion than appeal to your readers by providing them with concrete facts that they cannot deny.
  • Body paragraphs are the area where you can improvise with your shreds of evidence and make them more appealing.
  • Vague comments and pure opinion are baseless if not backed up by hard evidence. Use credible statistics and research to strengthen your argument. You can show your research skills through your quality of writing in the body paragraphs.
  • Write as many paragraphs according to the number of significant pieces of evidence gathered.

Opposing View Paragraph: This is the paragraph where you acknowledge the contrasting views about your topic.

  • First, state the opposite opinions about the matter and then refute the points by shedding light where they are mistaken.
  • Be respectful while you deny the opposing views. Show your readers that your comments are not biased but are based on the truth.
  • If there are partial similarities between your beliefs and the opposite perspective, then acknowledge that and deftly point out where the opposing views are wrong.
  • Refrain from using any negative language while doing so since you will be marked as unprofessional by your readers, and they will not be convinced with your view.

Concluding Paragraph: At the end of the essay, you need to add a conclusion paragraph.

  • The conclusion should include the reinstatement of your thesis.
  • Conclude by stating some other shocking or awe-inspiring fact that will have a lasting impression on your readers.
  • You can also include your anecdote about why the given subject moves you to such an extent or how you have been influenced by it personally; this will give your essay a personal touch and will appeal to the humane side of your readers.
  • Your readers will be more likely to provoked by your essay and will be inspired about what you want them to do.

Tip: After writing the essay, go through it thoroughly. See if you are inspired by your writing. Check for any grammatical errors.

See if your evidence is compelling enough to drive your readers to do what needs to be done.

Review the thesis and check whether it is strong enough.

You can check the strength of your thesis statement by writing another thesis for the opposing view. Compare them and check which one is more powerful.

Make any minor changes that need to be mended, and the rest should fall into its place, and you're done.

FAQ's on How to Write a Persuasive Essay

Question 1.
How is a persuasive essay different from an argumentative one?


Persuasive Essay Argumentative Essay
Definition The writer expresses their opinions, supports it with reason and appeals the readers to support it. The writer uses research, reasons, evidence and logical statements to make a claim.
Grades It is not generally included in the school syllabus. However, if it is, it is given in the higher grades. 6th– 12th
Purpose To influence the audience to do something which is compelling and in dire need of support. To prove a point.

Question 2.
What is the format of a persuasive essay?

In a persuasive essay, the writer needs to follow the format given below-

  1. The introduction paragraph has an included thesis statement, which is proved the body paragraphs.
  2. Body paragraphs where the writer presents their opinions and views on the given matter and influences the readers.
  3. Conclusion.

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