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Monday, 21 September 2020

How To Write A Scholarship Essay | Steps, Types and Structure of A Scholarship Essay

  Propertrick       Monday, 21 September 2020

How To Write A Scholarship Essay: What Is A Scholarship Essay? Very few numbers of scholarships providing programs are based solely upon the necessary application form or transcripts provided by the applicant. There are high numbers of instances when students require an essay while applying for a scholarship. And in the application, the essay holds a significant role because it provides the selection committee with an overview of your ideas and your goals other than just your scores and achievements.

Basically, the scholarship essay is a unique opportunity for applicants to convince the selection committee on why they should write a check in your name. Hence if it weren't for the scholarship essay getting a scholarship would be a piece of cake for most students.

The scholarship essays have a lot in common with the admission essays, but the difference, however, can be noticed in the standard of the winning essays. It is because hundreds and thousands of essays will be submitted as they will be compared and competing against each other to win that one spot.

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There are some essential aspects that applicants have to consider while writing their scholarship essay(s). The first thing writers have to keep in mind is the deadline. Even though one might think that there is not much difference in submitting the scholarship essay weeks earlier or on the last date, however, there is a perk of submitting earlier.

On submitting earlier, an applicant might be contacted by the checking committee for any correction or edit inputs which can be made for the improvement of the essay and submitted again. Also, there are several other benefits of starting on your scholarship essay writing early, including the opportunity to create a masterpiece when you are not in a rush.

Starting early means you can form several drafts until you achieve your aimed level of perfection in the scholarship essay. While formulating the drafts for your scholarship essay, the style of writing improves, and so makes your intuitive sense of the best essay structure.

The contents of the essay should be striking and efficient to catch the attention of the selection committee people because the scholarship essays that are monotonous and boring are the first ones to get discarded.

Types Of Scholarship Essay

There are some common essay prompts that are assigned by the scholarship committee or often chosen by applicants. On having some prompts ready beforehand, applicants can save a lot of time because the entire procedure of writing a scholarship essay is very time-consuming. Finding out about common topics of scholarship essay provides applicants with an opportunity to re-using the same essay for multiple scholarship applications. The following types of scholarship essay prompt have a whopping 80% of being right; hence it will be wise to keep a few samples handy from before-time.

  • Topic 1 – How the scholarship will help you?
  • Topic 2 – How failure once became the pillar of your success?
  • Topic 3 – Your contribution to society
  • Topic 4 – What are your future goals?
  • Topic 5 – What makes you deserve this scholarship?
  • Topic 6 – What makes you unique?
  • Topic 7 – How your field of interest impacted/impacts your life?
  • Topic 8 – What made/makes you interested in pursuing <field of interest name>?
  • Topic 9 – Tell us about a time when your beliefs were challenged
  • Topic 10 – Describe yourself

Steps Of Writing A Scholarship Essay

Scholarships are given out by many organizes and even some schools. And in the application process students are required to write Scholarship Essay(s). Sometimes the students are given the creative freedom of writing an essay of their choice in place instead of being provided by a prompt. But the writing process follows some Steps which if followed by applicants, then there will be higher chances of getting selected.

  • Step 1 – Read the Guidelines For Writing The Scholarship Essay Very Carefully: The fate of your entire application depends on how seriously you follow the first step because if you don't follow the guidelines correctly, then your entire essay will become meaningless.
  • Step 2 – If a Prompt Is Provided Then Going Through That Thoroughly: The given prompt is usually the issue the applicants have to address. For some students, being provided with a prompt is beneficial because it provides a direction to the creativity hidden within. However, many other students feel the idea of being constricted to write about a particular topic is more challenging.
  • Step 3 – Keep Track Of The Ideas And Keywords You Are Planning To Include In The Essay: For shining as the ideal candidate for the scholarship award, you need to make sure to include all the critical, relevant information about your experience and background. There are a few buzzwords that people use in their essays to enhance the content. The scholarship providing committee is very firm when it comes to scrutinizing the applicants' essays.
  • Step 4 – Be Sure To Include Some Pointers About Yourself If No Prompt Is Provided: There is a list of essential points that applicants have to cover in their essay on the instance of a prompt not being provided. Those pointers are –
    • Mention the academic awards or appreciation worthy honours won by you.
    • State the importance of any college-level course or AP that you learned in high school.
    • Mention any work experience you might have had like internship or volunteering
    • State your future plans like which major you want to choose and how they will be beneficial to fulfill your future aims.
    • Provide an instance of a hard time you faced and how you overcame that.
    • How your financial conditions have affected you to apply for the scholarship.
  • Step 5 – Create an Outline For Your Essay: Even though it is not like that everyone likes to make an outline and then write, but from the responses of those who do maintain the Step 5 has expressed that it surely helps in making the process easier and faster. This is the Step that gives your essay a useful framework.
  • Step 6 – Fill in the Gaps: Once you are done with Step number 5, you can move on to the next stage of filling up the portions that are empty under the outlines. This Step is where the essay gets the entire structure, and therefore, it is a very crucial Step too. It is during the filling up of the missing parts of the essay that you have the opportunity to write content that will successfully grab the readers' attention.
  • Step 7 – Create the First Draft: When you are done with writing everything of your scholarship essay for the first time, then you be a little proud of completing your first essay draft. However, this is the unpolished content and requires a lot of revision and editing before it becomes the essay you are going to submit for your application.
  • Step 8 – Edit and Repeat Until You Find Perfection: Excellent quality of scholarship essay can be achieved after when you have gone through your essay several times for rewriting and editing. Appropriate editing is required in the scholarship essay, which can be done only after much revision.
  • Step 9 – Find a Reader Who Approves Your Essay: It is wise to give your scholarship essay to your teacher or admission counsellor who is qualified enough to check the essay for you. This person can be anyone who has good reading and writing skills.
  • Step 10 – Form the Final Draft: Once as the writer, you are satisfied with the essay after much revision and correction, then you are ready to form a clean copy of your scholarship essay as your final draft.
  • Scholarship Essay Writing Format

Writing and submitting an average standard of the essay will not be sufficient for making the committee even consider the applicant in the top list. Especially when it comes to scholarship applications, the bar of selection is set way too high and only the best out of the best wins. But do not be motivated by this, instead, understand what you can do to make your essay presentable and highly appreciated.

Structure of Writing a Scholarship Essay

The secret to writing a great scholarship essay is hidden in plain sight, and it is the usage of the right format in the correct way. And the structure of writing a scholarship essay is the following –

  • Introduction With An Attention-Grabbing Starting Sentence: The introduction is usually the one or two paragraphs long beginning portion of any essay. The opening is where the writer has the opportunity to grab the readers' attention. Make sure the content you are starting with is according to the prompt (if provided).
  • Body of the Scholarship Essay: The body covers the majority of the essay, and the length of the body can vary according to the word count requirement. This is the space where applicants elaborate on their main points and the prompt they are assigned (if any).
  • Conclusion on How To Write A Scholarship Essay: The ending portion, which is the last opportunity for the applicant to stress the importance of this scholarship in their life, is called the conclusion. The entire essay's wellness depends on how well the conclusion is of the scholarship essay.

FAQ's On How To Write A Scholarship Essay

Question 1.
Mention a few ways to make your scholarship essay stand out.

To make the most out of the aid of scholarship provided to students, a few experts advised ways to make your scholarship essay stand out –

  • Get personal in the essay and be specific. Including impactful details and making it unique and personal is the key to a successful scholarship essay.
  • Narrate a story. Tell a story that should be true and feel real to the students' life. Writing about specific real-life experiences of the students using interesting details makes a memorable essay.
  • Don't attune yourself to someone else to the reader. Students often think they need to project certain sides of themselves in the scholarship essay. This is not always necessary. Don't refrain from talking about your culture's parts that are meaning to you and are essential in understanding who you are.

Question 2.
Is it okay to tailor a scholarship essay to the prompt?

In some cases, it may be smart and even acceptable to repurpose an application that a student has already used as a scholarship essay. However, experts advise that caution should be exercised. Instead of tailoring, the essays should be written specific and on the organization's unique questions.

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