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Monday, 21 September 2020

IGNOU Study Material (eGyanKosh) | Explore the Best Study Resources for IGNOU

  Propertrick       Monday, 21 September 2020

IGNOU Study Material (eGyanKosh): Students who have registered themselves in various courses under IGNOU will need to study materials if they wish to submit their assignments and clear their Term-end Exams. Moreover, official study materials for IGNOU are completely free of cost and available for offline reading. Hence, students can download these materials as many times as they want – all for free.

In today's day and age, traditional textbooks are quite obsolete – having been replaced by PDFs that can be accessed across a multitude of devices, from mobile phones and tablets to desktops, laptops and even e-readers. IGNOU imparts all of its course materials through an online medium, enabling students to access their respective study materials as per their convenience. Furthermore, IGNOU actually encourages students to opt for their digital study materials by offering them a 15% refund on the fees. However, students must pay the full fees upfront and the refund will be credited back to their bank accounts on opting for the digital course materials.

Direct Link to Access IGNOU Study Material

How to Access IGNOU Study Material?

Students can access the official course study materials on eGyanKosh – a digital repository designed and maintained by Indira Gandhi National Open University. Students can access their respective course materials free of cost.

To access study materials:

  • Visit
  • Select the respective course
  • Choose the module/ chapter
  • Candidates can then access their chosen study materials
  • Please note, the pdf will save itself on the candidate's download folder, desktop or other location on their drive if specified.
  • New courses and modules will be updated at regular intervals, hence, students are required to check this site often.
  • Candidates need not enter their register/ enrollment number or other details to access the course materials.

IGNOU Study Material

About IGNOU Study Material

Students studying courses under IGNOU have access to a wide range of study materials. Moreover, the said study materials are completely free of cost. Therefore, the student can download their respective course materials as many times or access it from many digital devices without any restraints. The university also updates its course materials on a regular basis, hence, students will always have access to the latest and the most updated content.

IGNOU study materials are also used not just by IGNOU students, but by students preparing for other government and professional exams, hence, they are a very reliable source of information. Moreover, these materials are not hidden behind a paywall or closed off to non-IGNOU students, hence, anyone can access these materials anywhere in the world. Students need not even register themselves to access the content.

FAQ's on IGNOU Study Material

Question 1.
Where can I access IGNOU Study Materials?

Students must visit and select their respective courses.

Question 2.
Is registration required to access IGNOU study materials?

No registration is needed to access study materials.

Question 3.
Can non-IGNOU students access study materials?

Yes, non-IGNOU students can access the study materials from the official website.

Question 4.
Are the study materials free?

Yes, the course materials are free for everyone to access and download

Question 5.
In what formats are the study materials available?

IGNOU study materials are available in PDF formats. They can be accessed on any device that supports PDF documents.

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