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Saturday, 5 September 2020

Two JEE Candidates Sick at Exam Centre

  Propertrick       Saturday, 5 September 2020

Panic grips as JEE candidate fell sick in middle of Exam

NAGPUR: There was a little scare factor for the candidates who were going to appear the JEE exam on Friday at an examination centre in Nagpur, when two candidates suddenly fell sick. One candidate threw up while the other one felt unwell and had nose bleeding, however neither had experienced fever beforehand.

A source present there, who had known one of these candidates personally, confirmed that the candidate did not have any symptoms related to COVID-19. The source said that neither of the candidates had cough, fever, or any symptom that has been typically associated with the COVID-19 infection. Of the two candidates, one felt uncomfortable about continuing the exam and therefore, forfeited the examination and returned home with parents.

The examination continued further without any disturbances according to the schedule. The National Testing Agency had slipped in some measures to make sure that the examinations are held with adequate safety. Temperature of every candidate was checked while entering the premises and were provided with a sealed mask as well, which was compulsory for the candidates to wear. The candidates also had to produce an undertaking which mentioned their travel history and health conditions.

Two exams are held every day by the JEE and the complete premise along with the computers were thoroughly sanitized after every shift. The seating arrangements has also been planned as alternate seating to follow the social distancing norms of the COVID-19.

Candidates amounting to more than 8 lakh, have themselves registered to take the examinations which will be conducted continuously till 6th September 2020 throughout the country. The percentage of the candidates appearing to take the exams is 85%, which as people assume might be because of the fear regarding the COVID-19 infections.

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