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Thursday, 17 September 2020

Why are Sports Important in a Student’s life?

  Propertrick       Thursday, 17 September 2020

Importance of Sports in Student’s Life

The mantra to success in a competitive examination is studying hard. However, getting involved in sports is also important for the overall development and mental well being.

Are sports and games the same thing? No, not at all. It is important to distinguish between them. Sports help to develop an individual mentally and physically. Sports helps a person to develop a healthy body. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind.

Apart from academics, sports are considered a medium of overall development of an individual. Worlds No 1 professional tennis player once said, “Sports teaches you character, it teaches you to play by the rules, it teaches you to know what it feels like to win and lose-it teaches you about life.”

Sports not only helps in overall development but also helps to teach us a life lesson. The importance of sports cannot be denied since it builds up good habits, discipline and makes a person strong. Sports help to enable a sense of well-being in an individual.

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Some of the benefits of sports in a student’s life are listed below:

#1. Physical fitness

Fitness is very crucial for leading a healthy life. The body needs to function properly to lead a fulfilling life. Usually, people go to gymnasiums to work out to improve their physique. Sports are one of the most appropriate ways to develop a healthy body. It helps in strengthening the muscles and the bones. Different types of sports help to sharpen different attributes of the body. One of the most prominent sports is cricket and football. Cricket helps with stamina and also helps to improve coordination between hands and eyes. Football also helps in increasing stamina but it also increases speed. Swimming helps you develop muscles of legs and arms. It also increases the duration of one’s holding the breath and thus increases the capacity of the lungs.

Similarly, many other types of sports help to develop different parts fo the body. It helps to not only achieve a healthy body but also helps in maintaining it. Having a healthy body is as important as maintaining it. Playing sports can help you digest fats and proteins, which otherwise would add to your weight. Excessive weight can lead to diseases like diabetes and obesity. Diabetes is a silent killer and can make a person weak from within by affecting the various organs. Sports help to fight such diseases and problems. Active people have a higher capacity to battle such problems and overcome them with ease. Sports helps the body to actively fight against different diseases which can occur and deteriorate bodies.

#2. Mental Health

A healthy body is very crucial for a healthy mind. A mind that has clarity and less stress can easily achieve whatever it wants to. Sports help to reduce stress and positively develop your mind. Depression and anxiety can be kept at bay with the help of sports. A healthy mind does not remain stagnant. A non-active mind may suffer from all sorts of stress and negative thoughts. Mental health can deteriorate if one is idle all the time. Physical activity helps to engage the mind in a healthy way The mind starts devising ways to play better. grows positively and becomes more active.

Focus and determination are also increased as sports demands the person to think clearly. It promotes coordination and teamwork. It increases the tolerance and ability to coordinate and expands to other areas of life except for sports.

#3. Self Confidence

Apart from building physical and mental strength sports also helps to build the self-confidence of a person. Confidence is a very important trait of a person. One develops higher self-confidence by participating in sports. When a person plays a sport he becomes aware of his actions and how they affect him and others around him. Positive reinforcement is brought mentally by sports. This positivity helps a person to grow in other fields of life. Sports teaches one how practicing brings about a much-needed discipline in life.

People when venturing into a new avenue may not possess the requisite self-confidence. A sportsman or sportswoman will always have the requisite confidence for starting a new task. A sportsperson always understands that there are ups and downs in life. This realization helps him put in more effort and start whatever new venture he wants in life.

Leadership Skills

Sports help to develop leadership skills in a person. Loosing and winning a game repeatedly may make a person realize about ups and downs of life. It also makes a person realize that consistency is the key to winning at life. This realization helps to inculcate strong leadership qualities. One is more confident in the decisions he makes and the consequences that follow.

Such a person also inspires other people around him/her. Such a person has the capability of leading others. They can raise their voice against injustice and can stand up for the minorities. One learns to take charge of his/her own life and is more self-confident as compared to someone who is not into any kind of sports.

Stress management

Living in the modern world, stress management is a very crucial task. While a person has to handle multiple things at once, one may become prone to stress and anxiety. Sports help you manage stress and channel it productively. Anxiety stops a person from thinking productively and acting efficiently. Sports help to keep stress and anxiety at bay, which leads to productive thinking and efficient acting.


As a quote says, ‘If you are afraid of failure, you don’t deserve to be successful’. While one might see the negative side of things a sportsperson will always look for a silver lining on the cloud. He/she knows that consistency is the key to success in life. Sports change the outlook of a person and make him/her more productive and successful in life.

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