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Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Work is Workship Essay | Essay on Work is Workship for Students and Children in English

  Propertrick       Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Essay on Work is Worship: every human has to work to fulfill their goals and desires. Work needs dedication and determination. It is essential to understand the relationship between work and commitment to know the process. Work can be anything starting from household activities to desk jobs. Every action is dignified and respectable.

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Long and Short Essays on Work is Worship for Students and Kids in English

In this article, we have provided Work is Workship essay and one brief essay along with ten lines on the topic, to help students write such pieces in their examinations. Given below is one brief essay on Work is Workship composed of 500 words and one brief essay comprising approximately 100-150 words, in English.

Long Essay on Work is Worship in English 500 Words

Long Essay on Work is worship is usually given to children of classes 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12.

Work by and large symbolizes religious and spiritual beliefs. Speaking from a primary perspective, every job requires time and dedication, two traits that are essential in religious worship.

Every man understands the value of work. Working makes us productive individuals and helps us to contribute to ourselves and society at large. A person who works with honesty and integrity is considered to be a moral and ethical person.

And old saying impresses on us the value of work or Karma. It is often said that Dharma that is religion and spirituality is equivalent to Karma, which is work. A person who works with dedication is on the path to righteousness. People seek the approval of others and Almighty by doing good work.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow impresses on us te value of work by saying that our deeds are what makes us immortal. We are all cursed with mortality. Once we make our journey towards death, or we return to the abode of God, our deeds are the only thing that we leave behind. Our acts are nothing but our footprints that we leave behind "on the sand of time."

The earthy beings remember us by the good deeds that we do during our lifetime. We are worshipped and idealized for the person we were on earth. Work is worship is a proverb that repeatedly reminds us that it is essential to take an interest in what we do. Unless we follow our passion and do what we genuinely love to do, we will never be able to achieve success.

Just like religion, work needs our complete focus. If we consider the relationship between labour and religious practice, we will see that both of them require our undivided attention to reach our goal. While praying to Gods, we must not think of anything or anyone else. Our minds should completely concentrate on praying. Only then will we be able to achieve our desired level of spiritual transcendence.

Work, be it anything, requires our complete focus. It does not matter whether we are cooking, sweeping, teaching, or doing anything else that qualifies as productive work; our minds should focus on that entirely. High levels of dedication are the key to a successful career.

We must work without worrying about the result that we will get. When we pray to the Almighty, we do it without any expectations. We pray for the pure peace we get from praying, we pray as selflessly as we can. Work is a similar attribute. We must work without expecting anything in return. The highest form of productive work is serving humankind.

Swami Vivekanand exclaimed that he who loved the animals and humans on earth is serving God. Serving society is the best way to reach out to the Almighty. Work is worship in every possible way. We must realize the importance of work and implement it in our lives. That makes us better people.

Short Essay on Work in Workship in English 150 words

Short Essay on Work in Workship in English 150 words

Short Essay on Work in Workship is usually given to classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

Work is worship for those who understand the real value of work. Practice makes us productive humans and helps us to take care of others.

Work is significantly connected to the dignity of labor. Any work done by any person is respectable and must be honored. We cannot discriminate against anybody based on the work they do. All persons work according to their capabilities, and all of them deserve respect. We leave behind our deeds and make room for us in the house of memories. Your acts make us memorable and guarantee us to respect even after we go. Sincerity and dedication in work ensure our success, and a good worker is always rewarded beyond his expectation.

10 Lines on Work is Worship Essay in English

  • Work is worship is a proverb that impresses on us the importance and value of work.
  • A good worker works tirelessly without thinking about the outcome.
  • Even if we fail at our resolve once, we must not stop. Our determination makes us unique individuals and paves the way for our success.
  • The productive form is the path to attain immortality and spiritual transcendence.
  • Enlightened individuals and holy saints have always emphasized on the value of work to please the Almighty.
  • We must work with integrity and honesty. It is very similar to praying. Dishonesty will not fetch us anything in the end.
  • Concentrating on our jobs makes us workaholic creatures and guarantees established in life.
  • We inspire other people through our work, and that makes us unique for them.
  • An honest worker is rewarded in the end, and hard work makes us compatible and efficient.
  • The sheer spirit to work hard makes us goal-oriented persons and develops our character.

10 Lines on Work is Worship essay in English

FAQ's on Work is Worship Essay

Question 1.
What is Karma?

Karma is the Sanskrit word for work. Saints have said that our Karma shows us the path to righteousness and spirituality.

Question 2.
What is the value of integrity in work?

A person who has integrity and never compromises on his honesty is not only a good worker but also an exemplary person.

Question 3.
How can we achieve success?

The simplest, yet the most complicated way to achieve success is to work hard and dedicate all your energy towards fulfilling your goal.

Question 4.
Why are good workers needed?

Good workers are required to contribute to society and inspire others to do the same.

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