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Saturday, 28 November 2020

Horoscope Today 28 November 2020: Check Astrological Prediction for Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and other signs

  Propertrick       Saturday, 28 November 2020

Today’s Horoscope 28 November, 2020: Astrological Predictions

Horoscope Today 28 November 2020 – Daily Horoscope predictions (28 November 2020)are here to help you plan your day in advance and be prepared for all that is bound to come your way today. Each zodiac is differently affected by the positions of the stars and our team of astrological sciences expertly predicts these effects for you. You can check the horoscope today of Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces.

November 28, is the13th day during dark phase of moon according to the Hindu calendar, the tithi is Shukla Paksha Trayodashi.

  • Sunrise- 06:05 AM
  • Sunset- 05:06 PM
  • Moonrise- 03:57 PM, November 29
  • Moonset- 04:27 AM, November 29

Let’s see what Saturday has in store for you.

#1. ARIES Horoscope Today (21 March- 20 April)


You have to understand that life has other sectors, away from relationships. You will find conflicts due to separate opinions regarding work or interests between you and your loved ones. These conflicts might turn into something serious, so be careful to think before speaking. It is better to make them understand rather than arguing.

Lucky Colorblue

#2. TAURUS Horoscope Today (21 April- 21 May)


Whether you wish to make changes or continue with your traditional patterns will put you in dilemma today. Good energy surrounds you, therefore release all tensions to enjoy the day fully. You might feel a little caged in, which will put forward new perspectives. Best not to gamble on decisions. Give yourself space.

Lucky Colorblack

#3. GEMINI Horoscope Today (22 May- 21 June)


You can feel emotional today. There will be moments of indecisions. These will force you to notice that time has come for certain things to change. Go for approaches that make you aware of the surroundings since it will also lead you to all-round development. Release the pressure.

Lucky Colorpurple

#4. CANCER Horoscope Today (22 June- 22 July)


You will find it difficult to concentrate of the tasks at hand. There will be frustrations as the day passes, in your social circle. Address your past conflicts because that’s what making it easier for you to get distracted. If you have unfinished businesses, make adjustments and complete them.

Lucky Colordark colors

#5. LEO Horoscope Today (23 July-23 August)


Today has surprises for you in store. While most of it will be about responsibilities, don’t worry as they won’t go over your managing level. Think before taking actions today, pay attention to advices given by experienced people around you. You will find relaxation and enjoyment once these little tasks are complete.

Lucky Colorred

#6. VIRGO Horoscope Today (24 August- 23 September)


Your interest levels will be piqued up quite nicely in the social level. Minor tensions will rise up but stay calm and continue with your approach. You might feel conflict within yourself about putting closure or continuing with something that’s attached to you on emotional levels. Focus on benefits of your long term goals.

Lucky Colorgrey

#7. LIBRA Horoscope Today (24 September- 23 October)


Lately, you have been piling up tasks. The tension of procrastination or overpromising will hit you today. Extra energy can be found pouring into your studies and spaces where your personal interests lie. Simultaneously, you will pursue greater projects. Continue working towards goals.

Lucky Colorrose

#8. SCORPIO Horoscope Today (24 October- 22 November)


You will find yourself sensitive to yourself and to people around you. Your focus will primarily be fixated on your relationship. Feeling of being inexpressive will lead to restlessness. Sharing thoughts with close ones will open new viewpoints. Tasks that are pending needs to be done.

Lucky Colorsilver

#9. SAGITTARIUS Horoscope Today (23 November- 21 December)


You will feel uncomfortable at certain situations in spots throughout the day. These situations could be minor incident based on current event developments or past recurring itself. You might visit a medical practitioner; it’s best not to avoid it anymore. Energy levels are steady otherwise.

Lucky Colorpurple

#10. CAPRICORN Horoscope Today (22 December-20 January)


Energy levels are high. You will be spreading optimistic thoughts around your loved ones. Your ideas and perspectives might inspire somebody to work harder for their goals today. However, within yourself gloom resides. You might be worrying about future. Take this time to wind down and plan your steps one at a time.

Lucky Colordull colors

#11. AQUARIUS Horoscope Today (21 January-19 February)


Your day will start off with worries about your studies or pending statuses at workplace. However, as the hours pass by, these worries will subside. You will have a stable thought process. There will be numerous activities to keep you busy today. Try to stay reserved.

Lucky Colorbrown

#12. PISCES Horoscope Today (20 February-20 March)


The efforts you have been putting in your work will show you the results today. This will motivate you to strengthen your strategies further and plan accordingly for challenges thrown at you. Today you will find developments between your relationships. Sharing activities and spending time with family will be pleasurable.

Lucky Color- sea green

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