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Thursday, 14 January 2021

  Propertrick       Thursday, 14 January 2021

Chandigarh 14th Jan.

WICCI appoints Deepika Bahri, President & Kandla Nijhowne as VP

Deepika Bahri was appointed UT President of the Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry by Dr. Harbeen Arora Founder and National President of WICC India.

Renowned chef and master chef season 1 finalist, Kandla Nijhowne was appointed as Vice President.



On the occasion, Dr. Harbeen Arora congratulated them for the same. Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, Deepika Bahri said, “It is a great pleasure for all of us that we have 30 prominent members from different fields. This will ensure that we contribute towards all sectors” As a result, we will make women self-reliant through digital marketing in various projects. The newly appointed president Deepika Bahri said that she has already made some plans for this purpose, under which she will start a tree planting campaign and a book donation campaign.

WICCI Chandigarh Chapter has also announced to provide scholarships to 200 women worth rupees one lakh. WICCI will offer a free digital marketing course to the deserving females in collaboration with Antraajaal.


She said that we are going to launch an application, which will be provided to schools free of cost. It will cover all attendance, assignments, and homework.

It is noteworthy that the Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce industry is a major business chamber for women entrepreneurs and working women in India. WICCI is supported by the All Ladies League Women’s Economic Forum and its vast network of C-Economics, which has 200,000 members and sports worldwide, 50,000 of which are Indians.

The achievements of WICCI are important for women’s empowerment. With the appointment of Madam Deepika Bahri along with 30 other members, it is hoped that women entrepreneurs will get a good direction in digital marketing.

Other prominent members in the committee include Dr. Jasmin Kang Rana, Dr.Geetanjali Khanna, Rupali Khanna, Minty Bansal, Ritu Khanna, Sudha Jain Sudeep, Harleen Kaur, Gagan Anand, Shiraz Saini, S. Divya Jain, Sumit Sandhu, Ritika Singla, Sonu Aggarwal, Simranjit Kaur, Shikha Verma, Amanjot Kaur, Gargi Kapoor, Deepali Gulati, Kirti Khurana, Anjali Gaur, Mamta Sharma, Kiran Sharma, Prableen Kaur, Sonia Jaggi, Shweta Aggarwal and Nitika Bajaj all the members in a message said we will take WICCI Chandigarh chapter to the next level and we will make sure we contribute a lot for the development of the women and make them Atmanirbhar.

Deepika Bahri a renowned women entrepreneur and CEO of Chandigarh-based Digital Marketing company Antraajaal said that throughout the year will do different CSR activities for the women and also take the help of the local government for the betterment of the women and make them Atmanirbhar which is also the vision our Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi.


The post appeared first on News Online.


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